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    Marketing for SMB 101

    Salesexpert Newbie
      In todays market, where the customers have many choices. You are only as good as your marketing. Why not spend your money on acquiring new customers? Generate demand.

      A company that Advertises
      1. Has products
      2. Talks to Prospects.
      3. Has no ROI for Marketing.
      4. Is Distant from customers.
      5. Hopes customers will call Them back.

      A company that Builds on getting new customers

      1. Sell Products
      2. Continually talks to a list of prospects
      3. Builds relationships with customers.
      4. Can Predict Marketing efforts and revenue.
      5. Closes Business.
      Questions you have to ask yourself as a business owner.

      1. Do you know the difference between branding, Marketing, and Direct Marketing?
      2. Are you getting the best results out of Marketing budget?
      3. Are Sales and Marketing efforts aligned?

      if not we can help.