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    Is QuickBooks a Good Choice?

    Melanie2009 Newbie
      I'm starting a small, one-girl service business. I see lots of people here use QuickBooks. Is it a good choice for my type of business?

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          Melanie2009 Newbie
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            amspcs Ranger
            Probably. QB best if you have little or no basic knowledge of accounting. If you're a little more
            savvy in accounting, you might like Peachtree.

            Incidentally, I got an e-ad today from MaxPerks/Office Max. They selling QB Pro 09 for $29.99, a pretty phenominal price. Check it out, or contact me and I'll forward you the email ad I got. Ad says 2 days only, while supplies last. Next best pricing I ever saw was like $169 at Costco, so this appears to be a good deal.

            You can also get a copy of QB Pro 09 free if you want to open a QB merchant credit card processing account.Please email me if interested in this:

            QB comes with lots of buttons and whistles. One of them is QB payroll. If you're interest in this, I suggest
            you go instead on the B of A online banking site and get pretty much the same thing for free from B of A if you are a B of A customer.

            Good luck in your new biz.
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              QBpro1 Newbie
              For most new businesses, QuickBooks is a good choice and the fact that a number of people in your industry are using QB +probably +means its a good choice for you as well, however there are a number of editions available depending on your line of business and size. The basic version, (Simple Start) is free and you can download it free at It it limited to just 20 (twenty) customers so you need a paid version once you have more than twenty clients to account for, but the simple start version gives you a chance to evaluate the program to see if it will work for you.

              You can easily install and set it up to do basic functions yourself but for maximum effectiveness and functionality, it is best to let a professional set it up for you, especially if you plan to handle your accounting yourself after wards.

              Most people use start with or move to the Pro version after simple start edition. The Pro version will be adequate for alot of small business start ups but the Premier edition is industry specific and you can choose one already preformatted for your line of business. The Premier versions costs a little more. Talking to a professional (My company offers free Consultation for this) will help you decide which is best for you. The time investment may help you avoid future frustrations. This is true regardless of the program or system you choose for your accounting. QB, Peachtree, Sage or any other programs out there.

              Good Luck with your new business!