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    What's the trick to a good business slogan?

    ScubaDive Wayfarer



      I am in the process of coming up with ideas for my business and I am both trying to find a catchy name and a catchy business slogan for my outdoor adventure/scuba dive company in Maui. Question: What's the trick to a good business slogan?


      Should it be short and sweet? Or longer and more descriptive? I was thinking that I wanted to include in the name Maui and also something about adventure, but I also wanted to make it interesting and not something too standard.


      I am not sure the best way to go about the process. Does one brainstorm, write down every word possible and start combining them? If you've found a great business slogan or have any advice, I'd certainly appreciate it. Thanks!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          That is the $64,000. question. Since you are from Maui and use the
          user name of "ScubaDive" you sound like you are on the right track.
          In picking both a name and a business slogan consider the following.
          The name should hi light the product / service offered. It should also identify the
          customer demand for your product / service.
          The name or slogan should also explain how your product / service will be
          advertised and marketed.
          Finally, I would check the yellow pages (remember the old phone books)
          to see what your competition is using.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Score133 Adventurer
            Brainstorming is the best thing in the world for coming up with what it creative. I always tell clients to start with their business' mission statement...which typically contains all of the elements of success for your particular venture. Then start adding buzz words and other "energy" or "action" words to it. You want your slogan to do several things: first you want it to be original and copyrightable; next you want it to have a rhythm that will be easy and fun to say; next you want to convey the right message so that when folks say it, they will know what it means and want to participate. Brainstorming will allow you to take all these components and analyze and then structure them. Use a whiteboard or large sheets of paper on a wall...don't confine yourself to a sheet of paper on your need to see it, stand back, look at it again and imagine yourself as your customer. Empathize with the persons who will be reading it. Remember, you're not writing this for YOU, you're writing it for the folks who will want to do business with you! Good luck!
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              Mozart Wayfarer

              I think you need to be focused - - identify your target marketing and then select a name that would be most appealing to them.
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                mpoweringu Wayfarer
                ScubaDive -

                There are a lot of good points mentioned here and many that follow the traditional methods that have been used for decades. I myself, however, tend to be a bit non-traditional and want to give you a few things to think about and a great book to read. Now, I'm not sponsored by them, so I'm not trying to sell it...but it is a GREAT book that motivates any entrepreneur and gives you great advice on what to do in situations.

                You ask how to come up witha good business slogan. For years we've combined this or pulled this from our company's mission statement. When we do this, we start to duplicate phrases (which isn't a bad thing to enforce your core mission) and sometimes it forces us to create not-so-catchy, long slogans.

                May I suggest what Guy Kawasaki suggests in his book (the one you should read) "The Art of the Start," that instead of a company slogan...think of your company motto.

                What is a motto?

                Using Wikipedia it is: a phrase or a short list of words meant formally to describe the general motivation or intention of an entity, social group, or organization.

                So that answer one question you had. Make it short and sweet! Imagine trying to put a two sentence "slogan" under your logo on a business card? It would look weird wouldn't it?

                What does your motto do? It describes in a way, what you do, or what I believe is your value. That is what is important to your potential customer.

                Take Hewlett-Packard for example, is "invent" their slogan or motto? Well, it probably treated as both. But as a "traditional" slogan, how does that give you ANY clue what they do? Does it tell you that they make PCs, printers, networking components, etc.? Probably not. Does it clue you in that they are an organization focused on innovation and putting the next great innovative ideas into their products (whatever they may be) to make them continually better, YES!

                So to help you out. Think, what is my value? (maybe you know Maui and sights in Maui that no other competitive firm your knowledge of all things Maui.) What do I REALLY do? (you help people explore a "world" that they've probably never been to before.) What's my motto? (maybe something like "Opening Your Eyes to Maui")
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                  familyFirst Newbie
                  I think the best way is to tie the slogan to your business name and model. For example: I am a real estate investor. My business name is Family First Realty, which I am actually in the process of changing to Family First Investors...since everyone thinks I am realtor when they hear the name. Anyhow, my slogan for my business is simply, "We Put Your Family First" see how it highlights our business name as well as what we do, which is find housing for families? Just tie it all together and I think you would come up with something fairly easy. Brainstorm it when you are driving or laying in bed. I find those times to be the most mentally productive time to think creatively. Good luck.
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                    guru2008 Wayfarer
                    "MAD" Maui Adventure & Diving

                    "The Untold History of


                    Horse backriding
                    Back Packing

                    WE ARE THE AUTHORITY
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                      vcg6907 Newbie

                      Slogan is a very important element for a brand because it makes it that much easier to increase consumers retention rate and desire. It is a advertising statement that describes what your brand is all about or what you're trying to accomplish. There's a lot of confusing slogans out there so being concise and precise is crucial for an effective slogan for branding.


                      Keep in mind the less words, the easier it is for the consumer to remember your slogan.
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                        Emile Yarder Adventurer
                        Hi, can you propose something to all specialists here? they could give their opinion on your ideas.
                        I am sure you have some good propositions.

                        I always list all my ideas. And then I ask for other possibilities.

                        Brainstorming is good, but it must be used with a specialist trining for it. There is a method for it.

                        Don't forget, the first name contains always something special. Test it and decide.