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    Own Your Own Cellular Business

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      Wireless Master Agents Wanted -
      {noformat}Become a Wireless CEO and Start Earning from the Cellular Industry.
      This is not prepaid!

      Now is the best time to join the team. As consumer awareness
      increases and demand for new products and services grows, you can
      be on the forefront of a new and exciting dimension of your
      business. Working together, we can help you begin selling cellular
      products and services immediately.


      Dealer Benefits:


      Activate and manage customers on one scalable platform


      Automated online payment processing


      World class customer service center


      Online inventory purchasing and management


      Real time integration with carriers


      Real time reporting and commissions payout


      Customer lookup to help manage your customers


      End Customer Benefits:


      Online account management


      Review and pay bills online


      Buy additional airtime


      Change rate plans


      Add/delete plan features


      Convenient AutoPay feature Program Overview

      This cellular program allows your customers to make and receive
      calls just like a regular cell phone plan. Finally customers can
      buy cellular service with no contract and no credit check and still
      enjoy quality phones, great rates, and crystal clear service on a
      Nationwide Network. All plans include free voicemail, free long
      distance, free roaming, free caller ID, free call waiting and free
      evening and weekend minutes. No hidden charges or extra fees.

      Small start up cost of only $269.
      For more information and to sign up and get started today please
      visit us at

      {noformat}This may be the EASIEST Business Ever! {noformat}