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    Shop my avon online store

    avonlady81 Newbie
      hello my name is Laura Bloomfield. I have been with avon products since june of 2008. I'm writing to introduce my Avon Products online store. Where you can shop for all your favorite Avon Products 24/7 and pay for them using a creit/debit card and have yopur products shipped right to you Via UPS for a small 3.00 fee. it's a perfect way to shop if your on a time frame and don't have time to go out. you get the avon delivered right to you for only a small 3 bucks. i'll except all 4 major credit cards for my store. Visa, MC, AM EX, And discover. all items are 30% off now. Refer a friend/relative to the site and get an amazing 40% off. please take advantage of this easy and flexible way to shop. happy shopping, Laura
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            Jerica Newbie
            I have done AVON a couple of times in the past but found my area to be oversaturated with reps. How have you been doing since you began? Do you have a lot of competition? How do you drum up sales? I used to ask if I could put my catalogs in doctors/dentists offices and such. I also went around with another AVON rep and we would put catalogs on people's doorsteps. I got a few hundred dollars in sales that way but it was from one customer and I put catalogs all over the place. I was sad about that and found it was mostly friends and family who would buy so I just started doing it for my own purchases since I can get them at discount.

            How do you afford to do 30 and 40 % off everything?

            I'd do Avon again but it just seems really hard to get the word out and get interested customers. The catalogs are also a big cost -- almost 6 dollars for 10. Wow.