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    Does anyone have experience in using the big online job agencies?

    gmonkey Wayfarer
      I am going to be hiring my first employee soon and was wondering what experiences people have had using the online job board like Monster or Yahoo Jobs?
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          Techie Wayfarer

          Monster and Yahoo are probably the biggest and most popular job websites. So, you will have no shortage of resumes to review. However, if you are hiring for a very specific industry with a specialized skillset, there are probably industry specific job boards. My guess is that there are a lot of "serial resume submitters" out there, so taking the extra step to post your opening in an industry specific job website may not be a bad idea as a supplement. Hiring talent is tough. Good luck.
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            Mozart Wayfarer

            When you do identify your top candidates using an online job agency - Check out the experts tab - there's an article called: Be Sure Whom You Hire. It has a lot of great interviewing tips.
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              Endeavor Newbie
              Why Pay Monster and Hotjobs if you're unsure about the quality of the employee in relation to his industry and connections? You can find very high quality candidates, check references, interests, resume, experience, view recommendations and browse their questions / answers to the community using LinkedIn.

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                findingnemo Wayfarer
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                  CatAtTribe Newbie
                  I used to be a recruiter and used the job boards like Monster, HotJobs, CraigsList, etc all the time. If you are a small biz and costs are tight, definitely consider CraigsList which is much more affordable. Be specific in your ad on what you are looking for in your prospective candidate. Then be ready for tons of resumes. You might want to set up a temporary email address (Gmail, Hotmail, etc) just for the replies. That will also help keep spammers from getting your actual email address. Another option is to use a staffing agency to find a person on a temp to hire basis. They can run the ad, test, screen and interview the candidates based on your criteria. Then once the candidate meets the certain number of hours on their payroll, you can put them on your payroll, which usually takes around 2-3 months, depending on the terms of the agency agreement. This is typically enough time to find out if the candidate is going to work out or flake out. Good luck!
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                    Fact_Finder Adventurer
                    We have been using the B of A "Easy Online Payroll" Service for about a year an a half and have been happy with it. Although, it's not free as someone mentioned earlier (at least for my accounts) the charge is very reasonable (I think in the $15.00/month range-requires B of A business chekcing). Because our employees are paid via direct deposit into B of A personal checking accounts, there's no additional charge for that (or hard checks).

                    The service handles all the Federal filing, withholding, and tax payments electronically. Depending on the state where you're doing payroll they'll either handle all that electronically or provide you with completed forms that you'll have to print and file manually.

                    We've been happy with their customer service. They were particularly helpful when we had to file an amended 940 and pay additional tax when we forgot to enter a manual bonus we had paid to two employees at the end of the year.

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                      intech Wayfarer
                      I am a recruiter and I use Monster and Careerbuilder almost daily. Not placing ads, but doing resume searches. For hiring one or two employees, the big job boards are just not cost effective, in my opinion. For a recruiter like me, they're worth it because I'm looking to fill hundreds of positions for clients.

                      I can also tell you from experience, at least in my area of expertise (engineering), you may pay hundreds of dollars on ads on Monster, HotJobs, Careerbuilder, etc. and not get any qualified candidates at all. It could be money down the tubes. Before spending big bucks, try craigslist and local newspaper ads. You may also want to get a recruiter involved. We don't charge you anything unless we find someone that you hire.

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                        Broxigar Newbie
                        Honestly speaking, from the horse's mouth, big resume database, is exactly that, a database. If you don't know how to search, you're bound to be lost.

                        I am sure you know what you're looking for in your future employee, but paying for searching their database, which in most cases is not even monitered for quality (there really is no way of monitoring quality...all big names compete for the number of resumes in their database rather than the best and and the brightest!) is going to put a strain on your resources and more importantly your time....

                        I have experienced both ends of the spectrum as an HR Manager working for a small company. We have hired some really excellent candidates and I have also come across a multitude of fake resumes. I wasn't sure if it was just the IT industry, until recently when we had a really horrible experience with a completely different field and this was using a staffing firm!!

                        There's no particular method to use but then if you would like some help with finding the right person, we can get in touch and maybe I can help you in some way. My e-mail ID is

                        Good Luck,

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                          dollarswatch1 Wayfarer
                          Personally, i tend to agree with the perspective of the "big" online agencies not being cost effective. At the same time they tend to appeal to the unrealistic views of their clients like say having "1000" candidates apply to your position vs say "100" applying to your position is somehow better. This is what people tend to believe that "bigger" is better. In most cases though it is the quality of a given set of candidates that makes the difference. With that being said smaller companies tend to do a better job at say "you" for example...a small business owner.

                          Now back to the agencies. I have used the big boards and Personally, Monster performed better for me; Careerbuilder is more like "ad builder" with all the advertisements and few quality candidates. I also have used and both of which are smaller in size and circulation but much more cost effective for small business. With employrium i know they were running a no strings attached 30 day posting. Check it out. The moral to the story. If you buy into the "bigger is better" train of thought don't be upset if you get taken for a ride. For most of us, quality outweighs quantity any day.
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                            dollarswatch1 Wayfarer
                            Here are a few i would recommend you look at:,, If you have used before i am certain you will find one of three i just mentioned to provide better results. Do let us know.
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                                SpartanWarior Wayfarer
                                This thread was started in 2007. I am surprised someone dug this question up.

                                Congrats on wanting to hire a person. That is a good sign.

                                If you are looking to hire an employee, try to hire on a referral. Ask your friends, past co-workers, relatives and family if they know someone who fit your bill. For the first employee, I would recommend against using an online job agency because you have little margin for error because your subsequent employees would look at the first to figure out if they want to join your company; your customers will experience a reduction in quality if the first employee does not work out well.

                                Second, I would suggest using LinkedIn ( As Endeavour suggested, LinkedIn is a good option if you would like to hire 'proven' candidates and minimize chances of hiring a fraudster. However, you can't minimize the chances of hiring a wrong candidate. For you to hire the right person, a detailed one-on-one with possibly multiple rounds of interviews and reference checks, with your own clarity of thinking on who the right candidate is, will help.

                                I had written "Small business secrets to Hiring" which could be of use to you. Small Business Secrets to Hiring

                                Disclaimer: I run p2w2 I suggest you also try (for PeopleToWorkWith), online freelancing website. We provide a high quality environment for small business to find and work with talent without having to hire them.

                                Wish you all the best. You can write to me at chaitanya DOT sagar AT p2w2 DOT com if there's anything I can do for you.
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                                ExcaliberJobs Wayfarer
                                As far as the "big" job portals, I feel they are not in the best interest of startup companies. They seem to target bigger, corporate companies that can seek international assistance. Personally, I have had no luck with job searches by using monster, hotjobs, etc. That's exactly why I founded It's for organizations that need a more competitive ($) service without losing the benefits of having an online presence. I would like to extend an invitation to use the services provided by You can take advantage of the free pilot we are hosting (for the next few months). Send me a message if you would like more information.