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    Need advice on new venture Newbie
      I would like to start a new venture, where could I look for grants for a small business? You hear on the TV and the net about how there is so much grant money out there for businessesand virtually anything, I figured this would be a great place to start asking questions.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Getting caught in the federal government grant money race is a horrible place to be if you are not familiar with the grant process.

          Could you share some information about what you are trying to do? There are lots of way to get started besides the grant process.
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              I would like to start a pet shop, I had a pet shop in another state about 10 yrs ago. I enjoyed having it and everything that went with it, I knew the ins and out, but this time, I'm in another state and I know what to do as far as liscensing,and all the other issues about a pet shop, I just don't have the start up costs. I am in the process of sending out a poll to the community to find out if this is something they would support. I have my business plan ready but I feel stumped by no funds.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Need advice on new venture

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                Creditbuilder Scout
      , what I am going to tell you may be upsetting, but it is done with the intent of maybe leading you in the right direction and I am not trying to put down your ambitions, as i think contributing to that segment of the market is very important and lacking to say the least.

                So here goes, but again pls dont shoot the messenger

                IN MY OPENION it takes years to master the ability to apply for those types of grants for one industry let alone for every industry, the easiest of which is healthcare. However, easy does not imply simple and many often those who have attempted this line of business to assist clients in getting grants for their business, spent more money then the money they earned. So they asked for more money because of the lengthy process, but whats the point of spendig the money you are ultimatley trying to get in grants.

                But, that is my openion

                Good luck
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                    Thanks so much creditbuilder, I appreciate your advice and I'm not going to shoot the messenger. I believe I have been scammed by as I ordered a informational cd and only paid $1.98 in shipping, only to find several complaint sites about them. Others said they ordered the cd as well but then had $69.99 debited out of their account or credit card without authorization. Thank god I found out early enough to block anything from them, we'll see what happens? I am very leary about the whole grant issue now. I see SCORE come up often in this forum, what is it and how might it benefit me.
                    thanks again.
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                    bmt2008 Adventurer
                    Forget grants - not really going to happen. Think about starting your venture on a small scale or even part-time. This will give you more time to learn about your potential customers and how you should design and promote your products or services. As you learn, your business will grow.
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                      sdanil Scout
                      go to it's our govt grant site
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                        biz_savvy Newbie
                        Grants are awesome! If you can find one appropriate to your need, and follow directions, fill out simple paperwork and meet deadlines, you are in! Now is the time to apply, because the federal fiscal year ends September 30, so they are really in a squeeze right now, needing to get rid of the extra money from the Stimulus Bill. If you apply right away, you have the best chance possible to be considered.
                        As danil said, is the place to go . . . if you want to poke around and look for yourself. Since you have already run a successful pet business, and have a business plan you have some other good options. Even with a grant you may want or need to supplement with an SBC loan or hard money - and it looks better on a grant if you have matching funds or some contribution to not look like a desperate newbie to business, or someone who would squander the money away. Maybe a pet association or local veterinarian would invest.
                        You might consider phoning the federal commerce department, which admininsters the business grants, to expedite your getting the right grant name and form. If you, your business partner, or your plan for employees meet the disabled, veteran, women or minority requirements, you could also qualify for multiple grants.
                        Another quick way to get going would be to look up National Grant Conferences and find out where they are putting on their half day seminar in your area - or get to one that you can make. They give a $1000 special discount enrollment to attendees, and a six month unlimited use of their service to submit grants. The books you get when you then attend the two-day training are worth the price alone, because all the info you need it organized. For the six months you submit your business plan to them (as many as you want) and they revamp it and then advise you which grants you might qualify for (sorry about the dangling preposition there). You then fill out the forms and send to them, they go over it and submit to the feds. They have a relationship built over time, so they know the people and it goes better.
                        I will be back from my vacation next Thursday, if you need more info - good luck!