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    Pricing for Web Advertising

    SCORE70 Newbie
      Client has a website targeted at an ethnic community in a major metropolitan area. He has an opportunity to sell advertising space on the website itself and sponsorship of events he is staging for webcast. Quesstion is: how much can he charge for this? Is there a recognized pricing method/standard/guideline for this kind of advertising? I don't have any feel for the popularity of the site, though it is quite new so it's probably not "discovered" yet.
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          Techie Wayfarer

          Many popular websites sell advertising space based on impressions - so x dollars for X thousand impressions. The more traffic the website generates the higher the cost. However, it sounds like this website is new. It is probably more appropriate to focus on the appeal on the targeted audience this website will attract. A simple pricing model is to charge based on size of ad, placement (e.g. not all web locations on a page are created equal), and duration the ad will remain on the site. Might also be helpful if the web owner can provide design assistance included in the rate, in the event these businesses may not be able to provide the web collateral to display. I'd also encourage this business owner to track and report on the click statistics, etc. so that this concrete info can be used to attract new or returning advertisers.
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            SCORE70 Newbie
            This is helpful insight, but how do I put my arms around $$$ pricing on it? Say, for example, I'm in a large market (metro population area of $5 M; target ethnic population of 750K). I want to run an ad for a week. It's a significant ad--takes up maybe a 1/8 page on the site's homepage. Probably an active ad--java enabled. Are we talking hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars, or tens of thousands? Pay per click? Where can I go to get this kind of information?
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                ScubaDive Wayfarer
                From what I have seen, there is no one simple answer. Different companies have different models. Google's bidding model obvioulsy lets you adjust the price you are willing to pay based on the market and the supply and demand. Other companies want flat fees. Others want partnerships.

                I think that a successful online marketing campaign still needs to fit in to an overall marketing campaign. Usually you start small, testing different avenues, and then increase based on results. It never hurts to simply pick up the phone and call. Many of the companies have sales teams that are waiting for phone calls so that they can sell the ad space. If you talk with several companies, you'll probably have a much better idea.
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                    SCORE70 Newbie
                    Great suggestions. Thank you.
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                        WannaBe Newbie
                        It's been a while since your first question but i thought I might comment and help you out if you haven't already set a price.

                        I realize you have a very big target market, but until you prove to your customers that you can drive traffic to your site, it will be pretty difficult to ask for a high price. Now that doesn't mean you can't then increase prices as your traffic increases and you can prove the benefits of advertising with your site.

                        I place ads on some smaller sites and pay between $850 to $4,000 a month. $850 gets me many directory placements with a couple of small banners and text links. The homepage banner ads start to rack up the pricing. These sites get about 100k impressions a month though, which is pretty good traffic.

                        On a homepage placement on a newer site I would start at a couple hundred dollars for the month- $250. You can base it on a monthly basis or by 3 months. Typcially I've been asked to committ to 3 months at least, but I never want to b/c it's too long especially when I don't know what kind of response we'll get.

                        Good Luck,
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                      Marzipan Wayfarer
                      I like Scuba's idea. Might not hurt to call another website that is similar to see how much they are selling their online ad space. This way, you actually have a market rate data point to position your pricing more accurately.
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                      Hello, this is my first post here, I have sports technolgy consultant company (located in Monterrey, Mexico).


                      I agree that you need first to stablish regular traffic, the ammount of the traffic is proportional to the ammount you can charge for ads.

                      I've been selling ads since the beggining but sometiems I was just doing some exchanges with other companies due my traffic was so new and it took me a year to get good traffic (100K+ monthly), now I can set the price I want on my ads.


                      Some regular banners I sell them at $ 200 - $ 500 depending the size and location, but I must remind you this site is in Mexico, so price are a little bit lower than US sites advertisings, you can try one price and see how the advertisers react and then adjust it.

                      Hope this helps.
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                        The Expert Adventurer
                        I tried Google Ad Sense. And it cost me a fortune.

                        Now I use Free Web sites to post events and share comments instead. My favorite is

                        I still use Google analytics - a free service to track traffic to our web sites
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                          byoung79 Newbie
                          Are you spending more than $100 a month on advertising?
                          Is it getting you the results you want?
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