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    Welcome to the World of Pampering

    spalady Newbie
      Want a business selling scented or non-scented pouring candles that everyone will love. These candles are all natural has vitamin E+natural oils and very healthy for your skin.

      Becoming a consultant to sell products and host Spa parties is about SPAAA...and to sell spa products like robes,slippers,massage stones,eye masks and amazing Pouring Massage Oil candles.

      You will enjoy the benefits and make money at the same time.

      *M*assage *O*il *C*andle

      100% soy all natural oils. Hypoallergenic
      (no metal) all cotton wick


      Light wicks
      Let the heavenly fragrance permeate your home and senses_
      _ or liquify amount you want to use
      Snuff out flames_
      _and enjoy warm moisturizing lotion (oil will be below body temp) on your skin._<br /<br />

      If interested contact me at anytime Pcousin
      _ (518) 2_
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          Also your 518 number is not complete
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              spalady Newbie
              I am a Consultant with Heaven Essence I enjoy meeting new people, having spa parties and letting everyone I know experience the vibrant fragrances and silky feel of our all natural soy candles that double as a rich lotion. Its a perfect gift for yourself or someone you know without spending a fortune. The rich and famous from all over the world travel to the most luxurious spa and resorts to be treated like royalty. With the help of Heaven Essence you don't have to be wealthy or away from the comforts of home to treat yourself the same way.

              The candles and the products sell themselves

              You can reach me at (518) 253-0297 if interested or please I love e-mails to