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    Why does my post keep erasing itself??

    E3GWorldwide Newbie
      It has done this twice in the last 15 minutes. I post it, it shows on the recent posts list and under the topic and then after a few minutes its gone?
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          Vince Adventurer
          Hi E3GWorldwide and welcome to the SBOC forums! I'm sorry you're having some difficulty posting. Is your question clean, professional and non-soliciting? As long as you're adhering to the Community guidelines, there shouldnt be a problem.

          Good luck

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              E3GWorldwide Newbie

              This was my post. Do you see anything against the guidelines? Thank you.



              I am the President, Founder and CEO of an Entertainment Company called E3G Worldwide. We are seeking serious investors who want to be an integral part of an organization that owns and operates numerous businesses, venues and professional sports franchises throughout the world. The return percentage is based on your investment amount. We are seeking investments from $20,000,000 to $100,000,000, BUT WILL DISCUSS OTHER AMOUNTS IF NECESSARY. All finances will be handled by certified and experienced accountants.

              We are a newer company, although we harbor a very high experience level and have formed a professional staff that allows us to succeed within our chosen profession.

              We will soon have a website up and that will have more information on our company and the programs we are seeking investors for.