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    Any ideas for marketing for small electrical business?

    sunelectric Newbie
      I am in the phone book, so far, nothing. Just need some ideas on what I might do to drum up some business.
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          Vince Adventurer

          sunelectric, welcome to the SBOC! The Community is made up of thousands of marketers. I'm sure you'll receive some great ideas.


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            BrassJmes Adventurer
            What exactly is it that you do?
            What do you sell, and to who
            Decide what's your target audience and reach out for them
            Do some cold calls, send flyers, send free gift certificates
            Don't cater to everybody, if you do, you'll need a big marketing plan and budget

            Hope I helped
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              visualme Newbie
              you have to put some signs up, let people know what you do networking always works. God Luck!
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                plug_media Newbie
                Hi! I'm not sure what publications are in your area, but I know where I live, we have plenty of local magazine formats that run monthly stories on local businesses (usually part of an advertising package)

                You'll see lots of home remodeling contractors featured in these magazines that go a little beyond the typical "placed ad". The thing to remember is that consistency is what will get your name out there. One or two mentions isn't enough. You typically need to reach your target audience six or seven times before they even recall your name.

                With that in mind, I'd approach one of the magazines and negotiate a six month or longer program to fit your budget that includes a feature storyprofiling your business along with regular placement so name recognition builds up over time.

                You'll want to participate in networking opportunities whenever possible (local chambers of commerce, builders, etc...) You may also try contacting local realtors who are often in need of quick repairs or updating in order to get a property ready for market. This will also help get you in touch with home inspectors. Try a referral program to incentivize more leads.
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                  puzzleman Tracker
                  I would suggest letting all of your friends, people you meet, the people at the warehouse you buy supplies at, the members of community organizations you belong to etc. know that you looking for jobs. Then when you think you have talked to everybody, do it again. You would be suprised how much business is done through personal recommendation.

                  How about donating your time on a few charitable building / remodeling events and network with he people there?

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                    Analysight Newbie

                    Your first step should be to decide on the type of customer you prefer to serve. Generally, a lot of households will need electrical work and/or renovations, but no business can logically go after all of them. Instead, look at the entire market in your area and divide it into segments, based on some pre-defined characteristic(s) - income, geography, age, attitudes and interests (do-it-yourself or busy, etc.). Each segment should be distinct, large enough to serve profitably, and the households within each segment should be similar on one or more particular characteristics. Then decide which one or two segments you can most profitably serve, and tailor your marketing message and marketing spending to each segment.

                    As an example, say you identify two segments you want to serve: 1) High Income Senior Citizens and 2) Real Estate Fix-Up Investors. In the case of high income senior citizens, you might market your services through bulletin boards at senior centers, or purchasing a mailing list of senior citizens in the area and sending direct mail. For Real Estate fix-up investors, you might try networking with investors and bankers, and running ads in the real estate section of the local paper.

                    Good luck!
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                      AdQuest Newbie

                      Others have posted some great suggestions. Keep in mind that marketing is all about connections, referrals, and satisfied customers. Studies have also shown that people need to see your company's name at least seven times before it "sinks in" that your business actually exists. The phone book is 1. 6 more impressions to go.

                      Think "Coke" or "Kleenex" or "Bank of America". How did they get to be household names? Their name is everywhere. Look to referral groups, join the chamber of commerce, get involved in community events and organizations. And wherever you are hand out something with your name on.

                      Business cards are good, but for a few cents more you can provide potential customers with useful items like imprinted pens. Why? Useful items aren't thrown away. They may not need your service right now, but when they do, they'll remember you.

                      Paul Schumacher
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                        knight58 Wayfarer
                        Steve...I worked for AT&T selling Yellow Page ads for 9 years. A lot depends on how large your ad is and what it says. All ads do not word and if you would like, i could take a look at your ad to see if it has fuel.