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    Happiness Index ???

    The Expert Adventurer

      "We the people" got into this (economic) mess becuase we tried to live beyond our means.


      Now the economists are stating that the only way to stimulate the economy is to get people to 'buy' things. ie go back to making the same mistakes we made before !


      For the first time I am beginning to wonder whether we are on the wrong path. Are we measuring the wrong metrics... Should we follow the metrics that the king of Bhutan has decided on - the happiness index -


      Wouldnt it be better to be happy and live with fewer materialistic things. And share our wealth with all...


      Would love to know what you think - Please pause for a moment before you answer this question
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          bizopp01 Newbie
          no need to go beyond the region while home bsuiness are on.

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            DomainDiva Ranger
            EXCUSE ME???????

            No, 'we the people' did not get ourselves into theis economic mess all by ourselves.

            We had plenty of help from:

            Community Services Reinvestment Act
            Commodity Futures Modernization Act
            Easy credit given by credit card companies to everyone
            Mortgages given to people with McDonalds W2's
            Insane deregulation
            An SEC that can't take a calculator to a financial algorithim, SEC management that continually ignored letters regarding the 50B Madoff mess.....
            Greedy, selfish CEO's and CFO's
            Everyone listening to a Fed Chairman (Greenspan) who would not even speak sensible English when speaking.
            A new Fed Chair (Bernanke) who IGNORED all of the warning signs and just sat there looking like a statue.

            Remember Cramers :"They know nothing!" Fed Rant a year before the bubble burst???? Probably never heard of may still be on YouTube. You may want to look at it.

            The consumer ASSUMED that the businesses feeding them all of the junk ecomonic low interest rate pablum had their best interest at heart.


            You are totally wrong to equate happiness with the accucmulation of material goods.

            Here is what happiness is:

            Coming home from a busines trip and seeing your family at the airport...dogs included!!!!

            Watching '24' with lots of munchies and friends.

            A new season of 'The Closer'

            Drinking the wonderful wine your friends have made.

            Grilling steaks or whatever you have...just grill darn it!!!

            Seeing your daughters engagement ring from a guy Mom totally adores.

            Your son recovering from being shot in the head as a result of a carjacking.

            Much more...

            Happiness is not living in a home that looks like a Southern Living magazine or wearing clothes and watches that cost more than some people make in a year.....And wouldn't all of those people be so sad to learn that the 10,000 purse is made in the SAME PLACE, that the 10.00 purse is.

            Happiness is an individual choice, it's not something that can be forced on people..
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              Some people got into their current economic mess because they tried to live beyond their means.

              I've not heard any respected economist say, "the only way to stimulate the economy is to get people to buy things."

              The metrics associated with "the happiness index" you referenced are being monitored, measured, and reported in the news daily -- and I think people are well aware of the trends. (e.g., Consumer debt - up or down? Pollution and traffic - up or down? Antidepressant prescriptions and hospital admittances - up or down? Jobless claims and workplace lawsuits - up or down? Accidents, divorces, and crime - up or down? Incidents of hostile conflict and war - up or down?)

              Wouldn't it be better to be happy and live with fewer materialistic things?

              Not in my view. That presumes we live in a world of scarcity (something that a few people who don't have our best interests are heart are trying to convince us of), but I don't believe it. Yes, we're running out of certain things, but we're not even close to running out of everything -- unless we decide to stop looking. It irritates me when someone (especially someone in a leadership role) says something like, "We all need to tighten our belts." "We all need to cut back and be happy with less." How about this instead: We all need to do more, learn more, be more -- so we can all have more. There's undiscovered treasure everywhere -- and not just resources, but ideas, innovations, talent . . . We can only relieve scarcity and create abundance by finding that treasure and using it. And since I'm on the soapbox anyway, in order for that to really work, "all" has to mean everybody. We have to distinguish between those who can't, and those who won't. The number of people who truly can't contribute anything to the "search for treasure" is relatively small, and as a compassionate society, we can and should care for them. But we're carrying the load for a whole lot of other people who could contribute, but just won't. There will be no incentive to "find more" if the person who worked hard to find it has to give half of it away (and be happy about it) in order to support a capable person who didn't do anything.
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                  DomainDiva Ranger
                  "....It irritates me when someone (especially someone in a leadership role) says something like, "We all need to tighten our belts." "We all need to cut back and be happy with less."

                  Lighthouse, this is a wonderful observation. Leaders that say these things rarely take the medicine they are prescribing.

                  How about this instead: We all need to +do +more, +learn +more, +be +more -- so we can all +have +more. "

                  I completely agree. People need to be pro-active about all areas of their personal lives, finances, businesses and other people as well.
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                      The Expert Adventurer
                      This are not exactly the responses I expected.

                      Tell me one instance that you were happy (for a long time) becuase you 'bought' some thing or moved to a bigger house.

                      Try this experiment. Secretly send some one in your office some flowers. And see how their face lights up. NEVER let them know that it was you who sent it. Now - that will put a smile in your heart for a very long time.

                      So, may be we are barking up the wrong tree...
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                          DomainDiva Ranger
                          Evidently you did not read the entire contents and context my post or you would not be telling me to send flowers! Never in any of my happiness items did I list any material goods.

                          Then you chastise me by telling me to do an experiment. You are the one who needs to do the experiment, not me. You are the one hung up on material goods, not me.

                          You are the one barking up the wrong tree, not me.

                          Please read before you respond.