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    Need funding to expand - serious investors only

    jwhizz Newbie
      This thread is only for serious investors.

      My initial company is an Interactive Viral Marketing Agency, just recently (2 years ago) we expanded and opened up a retail store. Both businesses cater to the same target market (urban) - one creates advertising tools such as microsite, websites and banner ad campaigns to speak to the urban market, the other sells products and works directly with the urban market on a day-to-day basis.

      Both businesses have been going great but now it is time to expand once again and this time we want to develop a online magazine that has strong potential to also become a published magazine. The website has already been created but we need resources to continue writing articles as well as bring in advertisers so the online and published magazine can generate revenue through print ads for the actual magazine and CPCs / banner ad placement within the website. Most of our capital is being exhausted by the upkeep of the shop and this year it didn't get easier because now we have double the vendors to buy products from to ensure we have the latest products.

      We would like to speak with either private investors or angel investors and see if this may be of any interest. We are looking to connect with just only a few investors so let me know if you are interested to know more and we can discuss outside of this forum.