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    Web Development Company Needs Funding Help.....

    trydella Newbie
      Company name: Trydella, LLC
      Years in Business: 3
      People currently working: 3

      My name is Tomasz Matuszewski. I wanted to know what chance do I have to get a
      loan in an amount of 15K - 20K I have a business plan. I have an accountant and
      a portfolio of project that I did in amounts of 10K - 15K per project. We are
      developing more high-end technology website and need funding on these project
      for our clients. Money that I would loan would be paid back in the course of 1
      year if not sooner. Is there any kind of loan that I can get.

      My personal Credit history is Not good for bankruptcy 3 years ago as it was
      more of a company defraud issue. Meaning that one of my partners took money out
      of the bank and ran! I had a computer distribution company here in CT and OK
      and my partner that I trusted move to OK to start another branch this is where
      I made the mistake in trusting him. If someone can help and give me advices
      please do so.

      As for my current credit I'm in good standings with my current creditors. I
      have a car in my name never missing any payment, and two credit cards.