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    has anyone dealt with

    jimmya Newbie
      just curious if anyone has had dealings with egm financial services out of west virginia--i cannot find them thru 411 or the better business bureau
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          Creditbuilder Scout
          This message is for you Jimmya just as much as everyone:


          When people are at risk or when they are down, there are people out there that will pray upon them. ANY company with the name financial or any company that provides financial solutions where they tell you that you have to spend money to get money is usually a scam.

          I myself am not listed with the BBB or 411, but that is only because i generally do not deal with the public and would like to think of myself as ethical -- why else would banks send me their clients that got turned down for a loan?

          These people can be honest and legitimate -- as long as they don't ask you to spend money, since they get paid when you do.

          I really hope this post will at least save a couple people from being conned.

          Good luck
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            bmt2008 Adventurer
            I agree with creditbuilder. If you have to pay up front - before you see results - watch out. People who do pay up front are usually the ones that get burnt. Not all are bad - just do your homework. I will pay up front for any service or product. Just my opinion.
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              SDJS2009 Newbie
              Hello All,

              I have a similar situation, I am looking for a business loan for my start up company. I found First City Banking located in ontario, canada. I was sent a contact that advised that because of my credit score I was approved but have to pay the first two monthly payments up front. I have done research on this company and have found nothing. They advise they are backed by the BBB but no record has been found yet. Has anyone heard of them?

              Also I was a victim right before Christmas of an investor fraud.I had been working with the GO BIG NETWORK for quit a long time. I was contacted by an investor and about 6 months later we finally settled with a 3 phase investment. I did research and they were backed by the GO BIG NETWORK. After many conversations by phone and email he advised a check was to be sent to me. I recieved the check and notified him that I got it. I then deposited in my business bank account. When I got the check I contacted the bank that it was drawn from and they advised that the account was in good standing and open. Because of the large amount my bank put a hold on it for 2 weeks. After two days I went to try to use my personal check card and is was declined. I contacted the bank and they notified me that a fraud check was deposited into my business account and because of this and their policies they put a freeze on all of my 3 bank accounts. After 10 days they will shut them down send me the remainder in my personal accounts and I am no longer to do business with them. All of this happen on Dec 23rd, and of course I just had my paycheck direct deposit. So no money for about a week in and a half until I recieved another paycheck. I ended up filling a report with the local authorities, the FBI, and the bank is automatically doing an investigation. All that I built up with that bank for years went down the drain in just 2 days! Believe it or not the investor stills contacts me to try to send him proof that it was a fraud check with a letter from my past bank.

              Its hard to trust anyone or any company with anything now a days even with doing research!

              Hope this helps someone.......
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                WarrenD Adventurer
                I had dealing with Charlene Edwards, supposively of EGM, out of WV. I contacted a real company EGM and asked about her, and she is scam artist. The real company isn't out of WV. Do alot more homework on them before you get taken
                Good Luck, Warren
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                  gegrus Adventurer
                  i just searched internet, and could not find anything about them
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                    jimmya Newbie
                    thanks to all--i will continue to search other avenues