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    Do I need a reason for laying off?

    sherig Newbie
      I have a cleaning business and it is slower than usual right now. I would like to let a few employees go. Do I need a reason for my choice as to which employees I lay off? Also, after a lay-off, are you required to hire them back before doing any new hiring?

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            Iwrite Pioneer
            It seems you are laying off for a reason - you don't have the business to support the number of employees you have.

            I would check the employment laws in your area to be sure. Laying off employees does offer them some benefit and it has to be handled in a certain way depending on their classification - full-time or part-time. If you were offering benefits you are going to need to offer continued coverage - COBRA. These are issues that you need to discuss with an employment attorney to be safe.

            I really don't have a set answer for you because I don't know the employment laws for NJ. This is one of the reason Luckiest ask for more information because employment law changes state by state and knowing where you are affects the response.

            I hope what I have provided helps. Good luck.