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    Help! need help with opening a small gift store

    kaisjewels Newbie
      Hi everyone- I am hoping to get some help in reaching my goal of opening up a gift store which will sell "awareness" items such as breast cancer awareness, cancer awareness, recovery etc. I will also carry themes as well such as gifts for teachers, nurses, policemen, etc. I already did my research and found taht there is no other type of store in the area I want to operate in and have found out that it is something that many people in the area would love to have. I have found a nice space, have secured my vendors, and began to create my budget that I need to get this done. I am writing my business plan so that I have it ready. I think I may have enough capital to get the start up costs covered based on sale of my home and
      move to the area (in another state where houses are cheaper and the area is nice). I was wondering if anyone
      could give me some opinions about what type of legal entity I should do such as LLC, S corp, etc which may help to
      safeguard my personal assets? Where I might find some financing just in case I do not have enough of my own money to
      begin? What other things I should find out about such as insurance, licenses, etc which are important when opening a
      brick and mortor store? Any other things or hints that may help are also GREATLY appreciated!