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    I need some funding for my church!!!!!!!1

    ruthycru1012 Newbie

      I recently had an idea to trry to reach out to organizations who would be willing to donate money to our church, im just not sure where to begin, how do i find these organizations?

      Purpose for Funding: We are a small hispanic church in Newark, Nj and we recently had the blesing of being able to broadcast our services (sermons) online through a low budget camera system, we would really like to send out a better higher quality image so viewers can fully enjoy the services, but our ecoinomical situation has impeded us to do so. We would like to see if we camn reach the world through this online broadcast, bringing a message of hope to the hopless and faith to the faithless and restauration to the broken hearted. This is our major intrest to touch the lives of others through the word of God.

      So please if anyone knows any organizations that will be willing to donate money to a churches please let me know. thank you and God Bless!!