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    WANTED: Working Partner - MO/TO Home Based - DJ Industry

    galaxyre Newbie
      I am looking to expand my business, and seek a working partner to take over the e-commerce aspect of the business.

      Our business provides consumers with DJ Equipment, Professional Audio, and Electronics Parts. We've been in business for 10 years, and our mail order has been in operation for about 7 years or so.

      We average about $100k/year, with potential to double within a few months with the right partner. I also have a retail business, which is where most of my time is spent, and as such, I find I don't have time to manage the day to day of the mail order business much anymore. In addition, I also need to focus on marketing and SEO for the site, to increase sales and better ranking with search engines.

      Currently, we come up first for our main keyword/product line, however, there are many other keywords we can rank much better for, and this is what I'd like to focus on. We have a Google PR4, and about 140,000 page views a month. We operate 2 web sites for our e-commerce business. We ship globally, and about 30% of our business accounts for international orders.

      Me and my wife run the mail order, and spend about 4 hours a day, 3-4 days a week. I just need someone take over this aspect of the business, which entails - order processing, fulfillment, and customer follow up. In addition to the administration of budget, sales income, expenses, credit card processing, and inventory management for the mail order/e-commerce. Must have decent credit (600+), and CANNOT be on the MasterCard Batch File list - this is very important - as we will need to put your name on our merchant account for access, and they do a background check. They have been very strict as of late, and this is something we have no control over.

      We will handle all marketing, customer inquiries (phone and emails), and web site management (inventory, design, specials, daily updates). You just need to focus on getting the orders shipped out quickly.

      Since the majority of the inventory we keep is for small parts (screws, washers, switches, etc), not much room is needed. We keep everything in a small closet, organized in bins, and labeled. The parts are very easy to maintain. The larger equipment we sell, is generally drop shipped directly to the customer at time of order.

      We are asking for $40k buy-in, which will provide you with a 40% ownership/equity, and a monthly profit split of 70 (you) / 30 (us).

      We will provide you with $5k worth of inventory of the most popular items, to get things going, as well as complete support until you can manage on your own. Shipping supplies, shipping desk, computers, and packing material will all be sent to you as well. You wont have to invest in anything, as we already have everything available (desk, PCs, printers, packing/shipping material, storage bins, etc).

      This can be run from anywhere. As long as you have access to the internet (broadband preffered), UPS, and US Post Office, you will be fine. Everything else is done online. You can run this from your home, as we do, and charge the company a small rental charge - $200/mo - to minimize expenses. Or, you can search for a small office, locally to run this. We can allocate a budget of $500 for an office space.

      Non-Disclosure Agreement required for release/access to confidential financials & sales information. Income proof will be provided in the form of Bank statements, Merchant Statements, and Web Site orders.

      This is a real business, and requires real work. Nothing virtual about this. We have an excellent reputation in our business, and 95% of our business is generated via referall and word of mouth. I would like to exploit our dominance in the market, by expanding our reach online - globally. Although small, it is professionally run, managed, and maintained. We are also considered the experts in our industry by many of our competitors - Sam Ash and Guitar Center regularly purchase parts from us. We also have many famous DJs who are long time customers.

      Here are the sites - and

      Serious inquiries only. If you are not familiar with our market, please do some research. It's a very relaxed and laid back industry, but also very small and competitive. Our profit margins range from 30-80% on parts and accessories, and 20-40% on larger ticket items (speakers, mixers, etc).

      Thank you for your interest.