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    Need help on starting homecarring business

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      I have started this question but didn't have enough details. Now I do. So here I
      come again.

      I want to start homecare business but do not know a lot about it,

      what I know

      that I need to register with MassHealth first to as a provider.

      Then as I understood I need to sing a contract with companies like GLSS, which
      is in my aria, so it will provide with jobs that I need to do.
      There are others but as I understand correctly, but the problem that I am
      running in now, is that people are saying that its impossible to sign a contract
      with GLSS because they not accepting anyone and that MassHealth cant have no
      effect on them.

      So my question is I missing something or don't know.

      All I want is to start Homecarring business, where I will provide shopping,
      cleaning, and taking care of elderly, and MassHealth or their agent will
      provide me with those people and pay when I complete the job.

      Please explain, help or direct.

      Thank you