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    Looking to expand business in ST. Louis NO experiance needed

    cschepker Newbie

      I am a District Leader with a large financial company in the St. Louis MO. area looking to expand. But in order to do that I need to locate and train quite a few sharp individuals that are looking to own there own business. There are several positions i am looking to fill. I beleive i have the best part-time as well as full-time opportunity. Part-time making any were from 1000-1500 a mo. Full-time 50-100k a year, as well as people looking to open, run and develope ownership in their own office, making well into the six figures a year. Warning this is not a get rich quick deal that you see on late night on T.V. I always say if it sounds easy its probably cheesy. So dont contact me if that is what you are looking for because this is not easy, but well worth the work. You will earn what your are worth.
      Cory Schepker