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    Are your metal filing cabinets looking ugly In your office?

    MadmanSigns Wayfarer

      At Madman Signs we have come up with the idea to wrap those ugly filing cabinets with pre-made creative designs or a custom designs of your choice to advertise your buisness or spruce up the look of your company for your employee's or customers to see.

      Since this is a new concept and is still in the Marketing Test stage for us at Madman Signs we have not loaded any pictures of work done on filing cabinets to our website yet. But you can look at our toolbox wraps to give you a better idea about what a filing cabinet wrap could be so take a look at our website We have a contact us link for any further questions or interest you may have about changing the apperance of your old and ugly filing cabinets.

      We are located in Yorkville, Oswego, Montgomery, Aurora areas of Illinois and can ship anywhere you need them with the correct measurments, very easy to install. If your buisnesss is in our area we also offer installation at your office or site.