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      All this past week, I've gotten a ton of calls from small-to-medium size businesses seeking flyer distribution. Unfortunately, most have unrealistic expectations regarding flyer distribution and its costs. I can easily forgive the sole-proprietor with little or no background in marketing. However, when I get a call from another agency seeking to sub-contract and low-ball I really feel the sting!


      I got a request from one business that has a list of 1,000 addresses and wanted flyers dropped at each specific address for less than the cost of a stamp. Think about it for a moment! A stamp costs .42 cents and he expected 'courier' service for less than the cost of a stamp. I politely took a pass. Later, I got a call from a woman who wanted to distribute 5,000 door hangers in L.A. but wanted to pay less than $700. OH! And she expected at least 700+ customers or would consider it a waste of money. She went on to tell me about another company who offered her a $700 deal. Yet, she didn't stop there either. Now, she wanted to know what I thought about the reputation of the other company she was considering. I told her that I don't 'trash talk' my competitors. Instead, I provide detailed information on my services. In turn, it was her job to research and draw comparisons. Ultimately, it's her burden to determine which company would provide her the better service.


      Got time for one more?! I received a call from another company seeking to sub-contract its 50K door-to-door hanger distribution. While they were billing out .40 cents per door hanger they were not willing to pay more than .7 cents to the sub-contractor. Now, that's what I call 'Fuzzy Math.'


      In short, I know the economy is tight. Hey, it's tight for everyone! However, I can't in good conscience accept work that would not fairly compensate all my hard-working employees and contractors.