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    misterc Newbie
      Since I opened last December, it seems that every week there's a new salesman coming in with a great marketing idea that will help me reach 5, 10, even 15 thousand homes and in the beginning I would try and market as much as I can but I feel like I'm not getting the return that I am paying for. I'm sure that there are so many factors that attribute to this and I can't expect to have immediate results. The thing is, I believe what works this week might not work next week and visa verse so it's really hard to gauge where to put the money.

      Can anyone share what has worked best for them?
          LUCKIEST Guide
          That is really a great question and yes there are many answers.
          No knowing your business or where you are located and / or your background, keeps the answers more general.
          To start with, salesmen come in with great marketing. IT IS the JOB of a salesman to SELL.
          The salesman gets a commission or a salary based on HIM selling. NOT ON YOUR RESULTS.
          Everybody is out there trying to sell the BROOKLYN BRIDGE.
          Set up a BUDGET for the next six months or so and stick to your plan.
          Track results (maybe a store coupon or flyer.
          Identify customer demand.
          Identify your market.
          Check out the competition.
          Hope this helps and write again if you need additional info.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
              WEBillions Adventurer
              I agree with LUCKIEST, salesmen are marketing for themselves. If they are getting you anyone, it's no doubt only so they can look good.

              Can you try your own marketing ideas? They really don't have to be very expensive. A website is a great idea. Having a free gift as a promotion can bring in the people. Maybe just passing out fliers as the nearby college. Since I don't know what your business is, I'm not sure the best course. But, if you have the time, you might be better off doing your advertising in house. If someone else does it, they will charge you a lot.
              Wingman Adventurer
              I have the same experience as you do. I've tried the traditional mailers that get sent out once every 4-5 weeks. The response is dismal at best and only the week when they are received by people. When I ask other customers is they look at the mailers, the majority say 'No'. They don't look at the junk mail and don't even open the envelope.

              I agree with the other responses. You just need to keep to a budget and try different things. Some people have sign flippers on the corner while others place ads on people's windshields. Not sure how effective either of those practices are but it may be worth considering.
                capcitypromos Newbie
                There's no way to intelligently address your question without knowing more. Type of business, who your target market is, what you're offering, etc. Knowing as little as we do, your best bet is to stop and think about your target market. Think of what's important to them, what motivates them to purchase your product or service. Possibly survey existing clientele... As an example, if you're selling pizza, generally, folks will want it fast, and want it to taste good. That's why Domino's offers (or did offer) the 30 minute guarantee. And once you do decide on a particular type of marketing, find a way to test it. None of it's cheap or easy, but if you attack it with a lot of logical thought, and are willing to try different things, you will likely hit on something that works. Once you do, keep doing it.

                Hope it helps,
                  Graphx Newbie
                  Big mistake in changing marketing strategies. You first baseline what you are doing now. You stick with it for a long enough period 3-6 months and then change one thing. You do it for 3 months and measure your outcome and repeat.

                  Most marketing plans work, but you need to test and measure one thing at a time. You will never no what works if you are changing to many variables. You just need to tweek not throw out. They say it takes someone see something 7 times before they act. You have to catch the individual while they are in the looking phase, so you want to keep the same image long enough for them to see you 7 times. Otherwise you are another new company trying to sell them. You will be perceived as an established company if they see the same basic ad. Not to say you can't change something, just not wholesale changes.

                  If you need signs, decals, etc. let me know.

                    lifestar Newbie
                    I have a marketing background- I have actually sold TV, radio, direct mail and email ads. Now I have my own business- I have found that sending emails to my current customers and potential customers that have requested information from my website is most cost effective and works the best for our product. Just remember you need to touch your potential customer at least 3 times before they recognize your ad and begin to trust your business. So consitancy is the key.