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    Conscious Sedation Certification Course Online

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      Conscious Sedation Consulting in association with the Plus Company has developed and online certification course for all members of the sedation team.

      This comprehensive didactic training course consists of 10 in-depth modules that cover all aspects of the administration of conscious (moderate) sedation and analgesia. Designed for the non-anesthesia health care provider.


      The course video is accredited for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit.


      It meets and exceeds the applicable standards set by The Joint Commission.


      For non-anesthesiologists administering moderate sedation.


      Many administrative tasks including documentation of competency.


      Online database

      • LEARNING OBJECTIVES: \\ After completing this activity and reviewing the accompanying materials, the Sedation Policy and its Appendices, participants demonstrate that they should be able to:


      • Assess a patient and relative risks prior to a procedure that involves sedation;


      • List the medications commonly used for sedation;


      • Operate monitors and document patient status during the procedure and recovery;


      • Recognize and effectively treat airway compromise;


      • Intervene in a timely fashion to rescue and resuscitate the patient as needed;


      • Participate in data gathering and performance improvement activities.


      After participants complete the course and review the accompanying materials, they are asked to take a post-test and demonstrate that they participated in the program. A passing grade of 80% is required to become approved to administer sedation. If participants fail the test, they review the course and retake the test until a passing grade of 80% is achieved.
      This software program automatically grades the tests. After passing the test, participants fill out the Sedation Compliance Statement, and become approved to administer sedation for a period of two years beginning when they pass the test and submit the results to the Department of Anesthesiology.
      The post-test and evaluation of the program will also be the mechanism by which participants receive Continuing Medical (CME) &/or Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) credit.


      We are offering this online certification for $79.99.


      For additional questions or to participate:


      call 888-581-4448 ext. 2


      or visit us online at