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    The Power of Belief leads to success & a $600,000 finder fee


      *A few years ago, I met someone who I think is an inspiration. I've helped her with her business, been an advisor and become friends with her since we met - let me tell you more about her and perhaps you'll feel inspired too.


      Recently, working with a business buyer that she developed a good relationship with, she found a business owner with a business that matched what the buyer was interested in. She introduced the business owner to the buyer and it resulted in a closed $25 million dollar transaction.


      Her reward for bringing the two together?


      The buyer paid her a $600,000 finder fee ($400,000 in cash, and $200,000 in company stock - ownership in the company). It took work to find the deal and bring the two together but still a very nice fee for a few months work. That by itself is commendable and shows the types of rewards that can be had when working with business buyers and investors to bring them suitable acquisitions and investments.


      I'll share with you what is:

      • She suffered through (and survived) an abusive spouse that left her disabled. But that did not stop her from starting her own business.
      • She does not have any family to support or help her. But she has faith and belief in herself.
      • She has limited physical capability (use of her arms, hands and ability to walk and get around). She cannot easily use a computer so most of her work is done by phone. She can't travel easily, even locally. Still she manages to get things done and is more professional than many healthy, physically capable people I know.
      • She has numerous health problems related to the damage from her abusive spouse. But still works every day to try and reach her objectives, improve her life and be a positive influence on others.
      • She recently went through a battle with cancer (that she is winning) and though she gets down at times; always rallies back.
      • Her only source of income is through her efforts with her business. This recent deal closing helped her establish some financial security and she is steadily working to create other deals to generate more closed transactions like the one mentioned above to further secure herself financially.
      • She succeeds because she believes in herself. She made a commitment to learn what she needed to learn to make a living for herself and to establish the type of business that can generate the types and size of fees I mentioned above. She had the intelligence and will to apply what she learned and put the effort in, day by day to be positioned to have that kind of success.

      She could have made a lot of excuses and not done anything with her life. But she didn't. She took charge and made good things happen.


      That is why she is an inspiration.


      If you have dreams of having your own business, don't let them be just "dreams". Do something about them. Have faith in yourself and belief that you can achieve those dreams.


      If you are not happy in your current job or career, are looking for opportunities to earn more money to create financial security for yourself and your family ... then learn more, about how to make more. You can overcome any obstacle if you work to learn what you need to learn, and go out and apply that knowledge to help you get to where you want to go in life and in business.


      If you are interested in learning more about making the type of fee she did, visit my site and read about:

      How To Make Money As An Acquisition Finder


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      *P.S. Currently, she and I are working on several deals.