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    The New Employment Background Check with 365-Day Monitor

    BackgroundNow Wayfarer

      The New Basic Background Check features: 1) Identity Verification 2)
      300-Million U.S. Criminal Records 3) State Sex Offender Registries In
      49-States Plus Washington DC, Guam And Puerto Rico 4) International
      Criminal Coverage From A Dozen+ Sources Such As Interpol 5) Federal
      Debarment Lists Provided By The GSA, FDA, DEA, EPLS And Others ....

      How does the Basic's ID verification help you? The Basic validates
      identifiers, reports address history and discovers aliases. It's ID
      verification helps you by returning criminal, sex offender,
      international and debarment records for names provided by you, and
      alternative names discovered by our system, such as maiden names,
      alternatives such as Humberto for Robert and fictitious names.
      Conventional systems search only for a name that you provide. That
      really narrows the scope of your search and exposes your company to
      undue risk. The Basic's ID clarification feature offers great
      advantages and reduces risk to your company.