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    I'm starting a speciality tree trimming biz. in Texas???

    leonardm Wayfarer
      lol.not realy "oh no",more like "oh-k".im moveing to Texas from Cal.,sure hope californians arn't on any ones "get a rope list",lol,im a tree trimmer,and have been most of my life.ive been on my own for 10 years and doing well and loving the freedome of i have to leave and go to Texas to care for a family member who has damensia and allshiemer (mild) and am forced to start all a 42 yr. old family man,too old and set in my ways to go work for others who dont put the same passion in the tree biz. as i do,my co. name is living art tree service and i do high end onimental/sculpture style tree trimming,wich is a form of art few do!! there a market for my style of tree trimming in montgomery co Texas???????im leaving most of my equiptment with my little brother , is there oppertunity enough for me to rebuild there????if anyone reads this and can relate or advise id be obliged.
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          A_Ellicott Adventurer
          I don't know that I have ever seen a tree-trimming like you described, though it sounds intriguing.

          I would assume that your potential customers would be high-income homeowners or perhaps upscale commercial properties looking to distinguish themselves. Montgomery County is home to The Woodlands, a very upscale, high-income, suburb of Houston with lots of big houses and corporate headquarters. Further south is Spring, another upper income community. Then there is Houston itself for your market. So, the good news is that, of all the places in Texas to try and market your unique services, Montgomery County would be one of the best locations you could find.

          The big question I have would be whether or not the type of trees you do your decorative trimming on even grow there. How long do these trees have to grow before you can trim them? The Woodlands and Spring are dominated by pine trees, which don't lend themselves to being decorated. So I would suggest you investigate whether or not the trees you trim even grow in the area. A lot of counties have an "Agricultural Agent" or something like that. Or you might try "Texas Forestry Service" to try and find someone that can advise you on what types of trees grow in the area.

          With the wealth of the area I think the potential market is there. However, most of the places I've been through seem to prefer to leave the native pines the way they are, so you would have to do some selling. Having said that, people in the area tend to always be looking for the next big thing so if you got the ball rolling it could be a very profitable niche.

          As far as being a Californian moving to Texas; you'll find most of the residents in the area are from outside of Texas, you'll fit in fine.
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            sdanil Scout
            Do you remember when it snowed heavily in Las Vegas just a few weeks was a record snow fall and the only one of it's kind in thirty years ....there were many tall trees that were weighed down by the heavy snow and they fell over and hit houses and everything...there were two trees on my property that came down and hit the building...trees were strewn on the road blocking traffic in my development...gee where were you when I needed you?
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              sdanil Scout
              Dear Leonard...stop listening to others and go with your gut...personally all the market research in the world doesn't do a thing for your bottom know and I know recommendation get out there...don't hand out flyers but introduce yourself to your potential customers personally...if no one is home..then leave your calling card..however they will probably get tossed...have them meet you...first impressions are lasting...put your best foot forward and just do it...I need somebody good...well actually I have somebody took three gardeners however to find him.