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    Global Workforce - The answer for tomorrow's success?

    KurtBeier Wayfarer
      The economy is bad - we know this. Many businesses are turning to global outsourcing as a solution. My questions is - do you think this is the answer? I'm looking for business owner or CEO CFO responses on this question.

      I work as a globalization consultant - I provide small to mid-size businesses access to a global workforce that greatly increases their profitability - I do this by reducing payroll costs up to 60% - increasing efficiency - and allowing their best employees to focus on revenue generating activities.

      What's the drawback? Many US employees lose their jobs.

      What's good? The company keeps the best employees and frees them to produce more revenue - Overall profitability of the business increases by about 20% - the business expands and is able to provide better higher paying jobs for US employees in the near future.

      Let me know what you guys think- Feel free to be brutally honest:

      A Snapshot Of Globalization:

      An American Business Story:

      Kurt Beier
      Director of Sales
      WLM GLobal