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    How to get new loans

    gomez123 Newbie
      Hi i am a new member of this forum and i need guidance for lending a loan either from private lender or from public sector.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          *YES I can help, I have suggestions, HOWEVER I made a New Year's
          resolution NOT to give out suggestions to postings who do NOT tell me
          who they are*
          Go to Members page and share some info with us and then I will be happy to share with you.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            How to get new loans, Welcome
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              bmt2008 Adventurer

              Before you even start looking for a loan, make sure you have the following:

              1) credit - your credit should be strong - if not work to improve it or get a partner with a solid credit history.
              2) Have experience in your industry or in running past businesses.
              3) Have a moderately completed business plan that outlines your market, your customers, your experience, and how you will make money.

              You can also seek funding from friends and family as these are the people that know you best and have trust in your abilities.

              Also try social lending sites (call peer-to-peer lending). You tell your story and a group of regular people like me and you will fund your loan request.

              Last resort, bootstrap using personal credit cards. Once the business is established and has a track record, you will have a better chance of securing funding.
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                bmt2008 Adventurer
                Can you say a little more about the amount you are seeking and what the money is for? There is no way you can get public funds without doing an IPO.
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                  loan guy Wayfarer
                  With banks not lending as much as they use to. Private money may be your best option for you . The private investors are going to want to know what do you have for collateral and if you are interested in them taking an equity position. All of which is your choice, you dont have to do either. They can give you money on a credit line or give you a loan. Let me know if you have any questions.