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    Co-op Advertising in the local market?

    mch423 Wayfarer
      I've been kicking this idea around for a while about how to leverage
      other local businesses in the neighborhood to advertise together. Does
      anyone have any tools or process that they currently use? Since the customers are shopping in the same area anyways, there should be some way to provide them incentive to come to my shop as well as my customer going to other nearby (non-competiting) businesses. Thoughts?
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          caffeinated Scout
          Some towns provide a welcome package for new residents. They usually contain a coupon book for use with local businesses. Not sure who would be coordinating such an effort but I'm sure a couple phone calls to the town hall or checking out their website could reveal some answers. You yourself could approach other business owners in your area and ask about some sort of alliance.

          I also came across an article titled "Partner Up." Haven't had a chance to read it yet.
          Partner Up

          Best of luck
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            Co-op vs referral networking, is something to consider. There are many applications of both but referral networking is building the rapport between the non-competing businesses to refer prospects to one another. Co-op advertising should take into account the demographics of the target market. Many of the best Co-op arrangements are competing businesses; an example is the "Auto Mall" concept; locating competing dealerships together and having common sale events co-op'd to the benefit of all.

            Start your co-op thoughts by deciding who you are trying to reach and talk to a few of the businesses to see if there is a common target. I hate assuming but if you are trying to use more expensive advertising i.e. media campaign than you want to do on your own then the media rep may be a great source to help set up the arrangements. If you approach a media rep or ad agency with the idea and the fact that you've already recruited 2-3 others I would think they would jump at the opportunity. I know I would.

            Hope this helps
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              sdanil Scout
              So far I've tried a few things and no one want to play with me...they don't want to give me any exposure on their site...I think they're afraid i'll cut into their business...the AARP is a prime example...I was wanting to host a party in Las Vegas for folks over 50 so I posted my profile along with my website info and they pulled it...I have better deals than they could ever offer...they just want to make money off the 50+ year olds...I'm really ticked off at them...they're rude...I offered to pay them to advertise and their head honcho has indicated he would have someone call me but he never did..they have lousy follow up too..
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                dclgraphics Wayfarer

                We publish Red Book Savings booklet that fearture only local merchants, each edition is hand deliver to 10,000 local homes directly to their front doors,
                is a fraction of the price cost of bulk mail, is perfect for business with a small advertising budget, Red Book Savings is deliver six time a year and is great for any business that offers a product or a service.


                If you interested in publishing Red Book Savings in your town you can reach me at


                David C. Lopez
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                    dclgraphics Wayfarer

                    I forgot to mention that Red Book Savings is a great Business Opportunity,
                    for someone that what to start their own business.


                    There is no start-up cost, is a 40/60 split on the net profit,
                    you get 60% for sales and distribution and we get 40% for design and printing.



                    If you know anybody that's interested, I can e-mail a potential profit sheet for our system.



                    David C. Lopez
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                    instantv Adventurer
                    Have you considered providing cupons/certs etc and providing earned points when purchases are made form active merchants? Remember to old Green Stamp book days?
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                      AzTouristNews Newbie
                      I started publishing via this route. How about a discount card. Inexpensive to produce. Sell the card, via free discounted "ads" from merchants, make sure they are great offers...


                      Have the merchants pay up front, market bears no more than $300 for a card that might have as few as 1,000 distribution to maximum of 5k distribution. Discounts, such as something free with purchase, percentage off discount, or something free with purchase. This is not difficult to do. It is all about your audience, demographically define, or geographically defined, or psycholocially defined. The greater perceived value your market has the more demand you will be able to create (you will have to sell directly, no one "buys" advertising, unless you are tall blond, built to take on George Patton, if you get my drift. Good luck.