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    Starting a preschool (not homebased) Need advice!

    twinsmom Newbie

      Due to the excessive backlog in our community, another parent (teacher) and I want to open a preschool in a good complex- so we will NOT be operating out of our homes. I have been reading a lot about startups, but am unsure what I will need to do in regards to financing the business. Should we apply for a small business loan? Look for investors? Financial planning? It seems that every time we find a path, we are given opposite advice and I really need some direction that is credible. How do we find angels or investors? I know it will be successful, simply due to the need in our community. Please help!
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          puzzleman Tracker
          twinsmom, Welcome to this forum. We love to help people but we need a little help from you as well.
          Fill out your profile info and tell us about you.
          Talk to SCORE, their free and get a business plan.
          Go to local colleges and take courses in runninga small business.
          Get a plan.

          Tell us about yourself in your profile.

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            bmt2008 Adventurer
            Finding an investor in this market and for that type of business is extremely hard.

            I would suggest networking locally. There are networking groups in your area. Attend meetings and strike up conversations. You may find a doctor or lawyer or some wealthy person that is willing to help.

            Several years ago, I helped a young woman find capital to start a day-care. I do not remember the name of the organziation that helped her, but she receive a government grant to open the business. There are a lot on foundations and other organization that can help you with both operations and guidance. You will just have to search for them. Day cares /pre-schools are needed.

            Might also work with local churches who may help you fund the business or at the least provide space and equipment for your programs.

            Also, be thinking about insurance. Besides labor wages, may be your biggest expense and headache.
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              bmt2008 Adventurer
              I just searched for "government grants for preschools" and there was a ton of information regarding grants for preschools. These services are badly needed and our governments (state, local, federal) as well as private foundation have grant programs just for these businesses.

              Good Luck