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      "Heaven Is Where"

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      This post is for serious investors that believe in the music and would like to help with the upcoming album release and touring for 2009.

      "Heaven Is Where" has a small indie deal with Blisstunes Recording Corp. The debut album "Stories From Yesterday" will be finished within the next two weeks. We're ready to start marketing for the release online through itunes, etc and then retail through Universal Fontana in different areas of the country or the entire country if the budget for marketing is large enough. Booking agent Dan Thrash was also secured for 2009 and we will need tour funding as well.

      I'm extremely excited about the upcoming release and have no doubt that if we can afford to promote it properly, it will be a huge success! The ONLY part of the puzzle missing are the funds. We have a great record, smart Indie label, the booking and the distribution. As lead vocalist, writer and producer of the record, I'd love to find investors that would like to get involved in other ways as well, besides just the money side...I believe being a success takes working together, closely as a family.

      If you are interested in investing with a return on your money or simply donating toward the project please let me know. This is very, very important so if you want to get involved and are in the position to do so, please let me know and I will be happy to give you more information. No amount is too big or too small. Everything will be used in the most efficient way possible so this record will be a success and we can build a platform for a long, thriving career.
      Thanks so much.
      Matt Lande