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    Cutting Business Travel Costs

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      My thanks to all who have responded to my earlier posts (see: Do You Travel on Business?) with suggestions on how to improve on our ability (more like inability) to present our new service for corporate travelers. Some tips were naturally better than others. The idea of visiting our local SCORE office was a disappointment largely due to the fact that it was staffed by gentlemen with no functional knowledge of what the internet can be used for in marketing today.

      The best ideas focused on re-writing our copy to be less dry and more to the point. I think the following new approach will work better. Please feel free to comment on any suggested improvements.


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      F*** Business Travel Service

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      Yes, you read that right... FREE
      Business Travel Service and in spite of the adage that says +"If its too
      good to be true, it probably isn't"+ this is the exception to the
      rule. In fact, this new concept in business traveler support services is
      better than free because when all is said and done you are *+guaranteed to
      spend less+* on your business trips than ever before.


      At a time when travel budgets are being slashed along with everything else, its
      good to know that there is now a way to cut the cost of business travel without actually reducing the
      number of trips you take or the quality of the trip itself..

       is the name of a new company (six months old) that
      is about to change the paradigm of business travel support services. They have
      developed a search engine that allows them to look at all the available Internet
      fares from airlines, hotels, car rental companies, travel search cites and
      consolidators in a matter of seconds. Then (and this is where they offer
      something unique) these low costs are offered out to their clients instead of
      the standard, rack or corporate rates that travel agents provide. The difference in cost can be surprisingly big.

      The savings potential can be as much as 45% off what a traveler normally spends
      on a trip without sacrificing the quality of the lodging, air connections or

      The speed with which they can research and offer internet special prices to
      their clients allows them to do it at a seemingly ridiculous low price ($25 for
      air, $15 for hotel and $10 for car) which is more than offset by the savings on
      a typical trip, ergo Free.

      In fact, their policy is that if they cannot offer a savings on the hotel and
      car portion of your trip, there is no fee for booking them (a guarantee that
      they seldom need to make good on).


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      There is no membership fee (yet) and all the bookings are
      done by retired business travelers so they know what a corporate traveler wants
      and in many instances can provide personal insights when traveling to new
      locations. Check out their web site: