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    Ministerio Liberacion en Cristo (small home business)

    ruthycru1012 Newbie
      I am not the business owner but i am incharge of all the marketing and promoting of our goods. To re- cap i work for a small business (christian ministry) whee we basically give activities in different churches such as preaching and sininging, we sell cds and Dvds of the pastors sermons and Cds of various artists.

      My question is : what can i do to promote the DVDS and CDS besides sending letters and emails.. i have benn trying to send out flyers to all our contact list and sales and special offerings have been fairly good but i know we can do better.. what can somone suggest me to do
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          You didn't mention a website address in either your profile or post, so I have to conclude that the Internet is not an active part of your current marketing, sales, or distribution strategies. It really needs to be. The tools and infrastructure are already in place to make it really inexpensive and easy to promote, sell, and distribute music and other recorded works via the web. There are a few churches and religious organizations that are as much on the "leading edge" of using technology to deliver their messages and products to the world as any retail business is. In other words, your target market probably expects you to have a presence on-line, so I think it's a high priority to create that presence (whether it's a website of your own, or just pages on various third-party sites that handle the listing and sales of CDs for you). So that would be one suggestion to consider.

          Welcome to the community. Blessings and best wishes.