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    What is Your best Business Advice for 2009!

    PremiereMedia Wayfarer
      What do we need to survive in 2009 as a business. Can we affort to advertise. How can we maximize out ad dollars and still make money?
      I suggest use your website as a TV Network or a Radio Station or a Newspaper. You can do it all if you do it right.
      Onward and Upward in 2009 All. Please poast you good stories and ways we can help each other in 2009!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Your best Business Advice, Welcome Caz

          You ask me to post ways that we can help each other in 2009. Two suggestions. One is SCORE. SCORE is FREE in person and online. The other is Quickbooks. I do Quickbooks and can do your books FREE.

          You can contact me at


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            leonardm Wayfarer
            ill tell you the only advise that i can give you is to knuckle down and apply yourself to finding more in the tree trimming biz,and the compatition is stiff,so i distinguished my company by going the extra mile for my clients,doing more for their $ than my compatition,and doing a better higher quality of work,i go to the office or home or biz. and sell myself and my co.i dont wait for e-mails or phone calls,i spend my time going door to door, biz. to biz, and contact as many people in a day as possable about and for my biz. as i can.....all my bills are paid!!!!!! good luck
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              mnynyurpocket Newbie

              Taking credit cards is a must. Everyone likes to have the option to pay later and get what they need to get done now with out carrying cash if they don't want to. Some think it is more expensive accepting credit cards-it's actually the opposite. It's because business owners don't know where to turn when it comes time to sign up for credit card services and many times they don't understand ALL of the details nor are they told how to process cost effectively. Business owners usually get directed to a bank or a middle man. Shop around and make sure you find out a few things before you sign anything. 1) Will they offer you a personal account representative to care for you so that you don't need to call a 1-800 and get passed around? (Remember, that is what you pay your credit card processor to do. If you have to spend hours on the phone trouble shooting a problem, your time is being taken away from your business and you ARE paying too much for your processor.) 2) Do they guarantee a locked in profit margin so your rates don't continue to rise every time the market (Visa/Master/Discover) has an increase? 3) Make sure you are aware of all charges including cancellation fees. Business owners usually don't have a problem with cancellations fees just as long as they are made aware of them. 4) Be sure you never get into a rented piece of equipment. A good company will help you find a way to get into equipment for the same price and it will eventually be yours. I love what I do and if there is any way I could answer any questions you may have, please feel free to contact me. Here's to a profitable 2009!
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                NatOnline Tracker
                That's right we need to survive the economic storm.

                The art of advertising is taking a cruise speed and when the time comes to pass full speed.

                Advertising when people are not ready to spend is a waste of money and can harm your business.