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      Sure, internet promotions is great but print marketing will never go out of style. People feel a sense of ownership when you give them something tangible such as a flyer or brochure.

      It just so happens I found a really cheap print company located out of Irvine, California called Smart Levels Media. Their prices are amazing! They only charge $99 for 5000 flyers and $13 for 250 business cards
      You can't beat that deal!!!

      Remember, a business card is key for introductions, a flyer makes for a great mailer, and a brochure properly represents your company.

      Check em out!!
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          Create a video and put in on your website, record a podcast about best practices about your industry, start a blog, get feedback use it to respond to your business customers, geton youtube, facebook, reever, whateevr to get your name out there. Just look up caztv Iand see how many links come back to me, to, to NJTVADS all my businesses.. Hope this helps, if you want to talk or email please contact me... cb
            LUCKIEST Guide
            HOW TO PROMOTE A BUSINESS, Welcome

            Everybody in business should have a Business card.

            *And YES I can help, I have suggestions, HOWEVER I made a New Year's
            resolution NOT to give out suggestions to postings who do NOT tell me
            who they are*.
            Go to Members page and share some info with us and then I will be happy to share with you.
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              Thanks for your information, I know a new business now, lol
              On how to promote a business, there are many ways, In my opinion. To the business online, first build your business website presentable, then promote your homepage, let the potential customer know your business. brochure is good for business promotion. the most important is the value of your business, your business can bring happiness or something else to the customer.
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                Wow, what an exciting time and opportunity for you! One of the best ways to market your business is through printed material, a tangible, visible object that a potential customer can hold in there hands and provide you with legitimacy. We at Bridgetown Printing in Portland, Oregon partner with our clients to develop direct mailing campaigns, brochures, stationery, or any other printed needs you might have. Please do not hesitate to reach me when you get closer to marketing your product; the best time to start communication with your printer is at the "concept" stage!


                Now, I'm not sure what all the craze is with going online to do your printing. I you even know if these companies really exist? Can you watch them as they produce your piece, guaranteeing you the ultimate quality and efficiency? Check out the real thing at I work for one of the most successful and best-run printing companies in the Northwest, Bridgetown Printing in Portland, OR, and I would like to invite you in for a tour so you can see what you're getting. Feel free to email me at Best of luck! -Kyle Richardson