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    unique business opportunity

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      Hi I'm Joseph Torrisi and I'm looking to start up a hunting and fishing guide service in British Columbia, Canada. The area I'm looking to purchase rights to is an 1800 square mile area bordering the Rocky mountain range. This purchase will give me exclusive rights to guide this area. Included with the camp are already established lodges a total of seven and two wall tent base camps. As well as all the equipment to start guiding right away. Also the licensed and very experienced guides that are required by law for any one who wants to hunt in canada are readily available. On average the current owner schedules forty hunts a fall season and each hunt averages six thousand U.S. dollars. My goal is to increase that number to an average of sixty a season. Of course that number will fluctuate season to season based of the hunters themselves. There is also room to rent the cabins during the winter months to tourist wisheing to view the bueaty that British Columbia has to offer by snowmobile. The property along with everything I described is for sale for 459,000 U.S. dollars. How would I find investors for such a business? I have already entered into negotiations with the current owner ironing out the little details. I'm a U.S. citizen who will be overlooking all the processes of the camp.
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          I have an interesting concept for you...would the owner of the property allow you to sell fractionals of these hunts to your potential additional 20 for say 20 years right to use? it's a very lucrative business...your only cost would be to pay to market it...maybe the owner will give you certain rights to accomplish this. BC is beautiful...lots of folks love it.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            unique business opportunity, Welcome Joseph

            This hunting and fishing guide service does sound like a unique business opportunity.

            If you want to raise money, you need a Business and Marketing Plan.

            Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST