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    Im looking for a business loan

    mash1010 Newbie
      Hello, My name is Chris Campbell from Camden South Carolina and I have previously been employed as an insurance agent with Farm Bureau Insurance since 2002. I am currently licensed and have a professional designation, Life Underwriting Traning Counci, from the The American College. I was a top 50 producer within the company for six straight years and now I have an oppourtunity to purchase an exsiting Allstate Agency for $380,000. I have been approved and hired by Allstate and I have the current cash flow, income analysis, and customer data from the agency which generates 1.4 million in premium which equals about $160,000 a year in commisions. I have a impressive resume and busness plan ans this is usually a "no brainer" for a commercial loan but I am worried in these economic times. I have not been turned down or anything but the longer the process goes the more worried I become. My credit is ok, never missed any payments but I have some debt and this would allow me to double my income. Any thoughts we help

      Chris Campbell