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    Are you in need of professional email accounts?

    TBYTE12 Wayfarer
      Would you like to try our email service for a trial period?

      Is Your Current Messaging Solution Lacking?
      –Costs and headaches of managing your own solution
      –No ability to instantaneously schedule meetings
      –Lack of ability to have contact lists
      –No Global address book
      –Lost email, no ability to recover

      Would you like to be able to stay in sync with your office email and calendar WITHOUT being in the office?

      Would the ability to schedule meetings internally as well as externally benefit your organization?

      companies rely heavily on email as a key communication tool, so why not
      have a robust solution? We are looking for people that will be
      interested in trying out this service. Hosted Microsoft Exchange offers
      advantages such as ease of use, calendaring, enterprise-level meeting
      scheduling. You can send me an email at ptyinc at