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    Need Credit and Asset Partners That Want To Earn Money w/o U

    bizconsultant Scout
      Get paid 3 ways from being a credit or asset partner:
      1) Upfront - 1% paid in advance for each client project you partner with
      2) Monthly profits - Get paid up to 20% businesses net each
      month/quarter just for being a credit/asset partner
      3) Cash Buyout - At the end of your term (usually 6 to 12 mths) the
      client project buys your position out at the current value of the

      To qualify you must have either a credit score of 750 plus OR you must
      have liquid assets of at least $250K

      No cash required. Its all partnering. Email us today for more
      information ajones@abcsolutions Serious and qualified
      parties only (we do require proof of qualification before sending
      specific opportunity information - not a solicitation for investors)