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    Please Help!!!!!!!

    agapeevents Newbie
      This has been the most challanging for me. As a small business owner in this economy I most be frugal with my funds. Yet, advertising is a big part of how we draw customers. If there is no steady flow coming in how much money should be set aside for advertising and marketing? Who should be our target audience? What is the smarter method to get your name in rotation without going in debt to do so???
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Please Help, Welcome

          You need to develop both a Marketing and Business Plan.

          Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE
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            mch423 Wayfarer
            Here are some concrete action items that you can do right now:

            1. Get yourself listed in the Local directory of all the major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and MSN Live. If you need help in that area, we're just formalizing a service for that..

            2. Get some customer testimonials both on your website and other search engine sites.

            3. Setup a referral program for your current/past customers.

            If you want more, visit my blog at as I have other tips too.

            Good luck!

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              DomainDiva Ranger

              Who is our target audience?
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                Concentrate on the "target audience" it's an absolute on effective marketing on a tight budget. Think about your existing clients and put together a profile. I think visiting with SCORE for free advice is a must but the more prepared you are going in the better advice you'll receive. Assuming you can't afford to market to every possible demographic that may be interested in your service (you wouldn't want to even if you could) then you need to narrow down to the best return. Know the return you need on your marketing dollars vs how many dollars to set aside for marketing. This combined with the target will allow you to search for the right opportunities.

                As an addition to the above look for free or low cost networking events you can attend. Your personality, business cards, and brochure/promotional items are inexpensive marketing.

                Hope this helps!
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                  Creditbuilder Scout
                  Hello there.

                  For that SIC (LOB) type business, it has been my experience that building your dnb credit report is going to be what will help. Go to and start the process. I have a company you can pay to do that with, but in this instance I do not advise it as for your line of business the process is very simple. Just go ahead and order a free duns number. If you need some outside DNB tips, go to our site, and read those juicy secrets!

                  Good Luck -- and be sure not to pay anyone in this instance to build your credit! You don't need to.