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    Loan/Cash Flow

    balloonparty Newbie

      My business is two years old and I worked it from home on part-time bases prior to opening storefront back in July 2008. Store is one of two party stores in a 4 city span in Volusia County. Store location is in excellent spot with easy access to all four cities. Customers have given good feedback on service, and products uniqueness.

      In such a short time I have done several private parties to school functions. At this time I am working with local schools on a several programs with next one in Feb. I am in need of vital equipment for party decorating purpose, advertising and supplies is also needed. I know store will be a success however, with economy the way it is, it will take time and dedication for my business to survive this recession.

      I need $8,000 with 18 months payment plan. I am in need of this loan because I have encountered several unforeseen bumps which have taken up my resources. Everything in my store is paid for in full and only debts are store operational cost which is less than $1,400 a month which includes rent, utility and phone.

      If anyone can help me or guide me as to where I can go, please do so it would be greatly appreciated.



      Balloon Party
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Loan/Cash Flow, Welcome

          It sounds like you have a growing business in a good location.

          To raise money (from a lender) you need a Business Plan.

          Do you have an Accountant??

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              balloonparty Newbie
              Thanks for responding, no I don't I have done my own accounting and bookkeeping for years, however I do believe I will be needing one soon.

              I am happy to announce that both my sons along with their wives will be backing me in my business as silent partners and I am pleased with it, it was great they took me out to dinner to give me the news.

              Thanks again.
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              amspcs Ranger
              Dear Balloon:

              The obvious answer would be to consult a bank. But I understand where you're coming from: Money to lend has all but dried up, often even for those with good credit. With this in mind, an alternative you might find attractive is an adance on our credit card receivables--if you have a storefront I assume you accept plastic.
              There are a lot of processing and funding companies out there offering this fairly new concept, but you need to watch all new business fads, some are legit, some not so legit.

              We've been in the processing biz a number of years, have a good rep and trackrecord, and have formed a relationship with one company we consider to be reputable. What they do is give you an advance on your credit card receivables, then take it back little by little from each batch settlement you process daily. Qualification is fairly easy and straightforward as long as you meet the following: Credit score above 500, min one year in business, min $4000 monthly V/MC sales.

              If you'd like to pursue this, please contact me and I'll put you in touch with the folks who can give you a proposal. Good luck.

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                  balloonparty Newbie

                  Thank you for responding.

                  Yes so true, its hard to get bank loans. Regarding cc the answer is yes back in Dec. with bank I am using, prior to that I only did cash.

                  I forget to mention that I relocated from Ft. Lauderdale after getting laid off from my job of 7 yrs to open store in Orange City Fl (250 miles away) but I really did my homework prior to deciding to relocate (it pays to research) and I am happy I did. I say this because if anyone wants to open new business do extensive research.

                  I got the fiancial backing I was looking for my two sons and their wives step in and offered to help, thank God.

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                  loan guy Wayfarer

                  Private Investor are who need that provides funding for Businesses and Real Estate Investors. Who are not a bank and do not base funding decisions on credit scores.


                  let me know if you need informaiton



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