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    need a working capital

    texas1 Newbie

      My husband and I own a Malaysian and Mongolian restuarant and we need a short term loan for the working capital. We need $30,000 working capital for our restaurant, We need help, we have a good location and many people love our food and my husband have passion to cook Malaysian food. Please help.


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          funds29 Wayfarer

          We can help our site is we can help with equipment, working capital and cash advance.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            need a working capital, Welcome

            YES I can help, HOWEVER I made a New Year's resolution NOT to give out suggestions to postings who do
            NOT tell me who they are. Go to Members page and share some info with us and then I will be happy to
            share with you.

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              bmt2008 Adventurer
              Lots of ways to get your business the money it needs. Try They can help with all types of funding from working capital to equipment financing and leasing to commercial real estate. No obligation, you search for the information and companies that can provide you what you need.
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                loan guy Wayfarer



                If you are looking to go private money with investors. Most min. is 25k to lend. You need 30k so you should be fine.

                I know some investors who can help you.

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                  jeffbenat Newbie

                  We provide working capital to small business owners. We can advance you a minimum of 10k based on your monthly average credit card sales. If you would like a proposal feel free to give me a call. No fees involved.

                  Jeff Benat
                  Mother Fund

                  We are a direct lender, not a broker.
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                    cfunding Newbie
                    Hello texas,
                    I may able to help you obtain short term business working capital up to 100K within 10 days or less, ITS REAL LOAN NOT CASH ADVANCE.

                    Below are basic requirement :

                    Your personal credit score at least 600 NO open Bancruptcy You have been open for business for over one year and process at least $3,000 in credit card transactions per month. Or if your company does not accept credit cards you should have been open for business for at least two years and have an average business bank account balance of at least $3,000 per month and ending balance $3000 every month. Not home business and have separate business address You have separate business bank account

                    Please contact me at your earliest.
                    Email :
                    phone : 1.888.307.8430
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                        It may be too late to help you with this thought. But!

                        Building business credit is never a bad idea. You need to show to the vendors and the lenders that you are credit worthy.

                        Try typing "strong business credit" via google or yahoo. See what comes up




                        Ilya Bodner
                        Small Business Owner
                        Initial Underwriting Group
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                        bigpayout Newbie
                        Hi Texas1

                        I may be able to help you , do you take credit cards, whats your credit card gross monthly. I'm sure your food is good because, my wife is from Malaysia and her friends own a Malaysia restuarant here in Charlotte NC.


                        Raymont Jones
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                          bizlender Newbie

                          Feel free to call me at 937-350-5976. Leave a message if you get my voicemail, and I'll call you back in a timely manner. Terri