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    Which tax & accounting issues trouble business owners?

    xtremeonyx Newbie

      I am interested in finding out which tax & accounting issues trouble small business owners the most? I am a Certified Public Accountant and would like to know so I can better serve such issues.

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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Through the years, the most "troubling" issues for me as a small business owner have always been the "first time" things -- first time I bought capital equipment or dealt with depreciation, first time I hired contractors and employees, first time I set up a branch office in another state, first time I had an overseas project and income, etc. If it has happened before, I'm okay. If this year was the first time, then it can be "troubling." Maybe all that can be summed under "business growth issues."

          Health care coverage is a major (and continually increasing) cost for small businesses, and it's sometimes hard for owners to stay on top of the options that are available (plus everyone who has something to gain paints the picture the way they want the business owner to see it). So being well-informed and able to present an unbiased perspective of which health care options/coverages provide the best financial/tax options for the business might be another area in which to focus.

          Hope that helps. Best wishes.
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