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    Go Lean Tips

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      Streamline your operations to the point where you have maximum efficiencies & Flexibility.

      Small companies that don't have access to the same kind of macro economical information that the larger companies see can take advantage of the following tips. When you are not sure where potentially devastating issues come from next, your best best is to Go Lean. This means you will need to streamline your operations to the point where you have maximum efficiencies and flexibility. Here are some tips to going lean

      • Cut unprofitable activities - Identify your higher profit revenue products and services then be brutal about cutting any offerings that has been subsidized by your more profitable lines. Then once you know what your are doing
      • Restructure your remaining activities to become as efficient as possible - Here is how you do it
      * Find lower, leveraged or marginal cost resources to perform your activitiesbq.
      • Identify and implement process efficienciesbq.
      • Outsource activities that anther company can perform at a higher quality, greater efficiency or lower cost* Add revenue generating activities - add activities that increase your top & bottom line in a way that leverages your existing resources
      * Look for low cost, low risk additionsbq.
      • Explore cross sales & bundlingbq.
      • Repurpose redundant or unused assets can help generate revenue through rentals or auctions* Eliminate Rework - Every error made in your business adds costs. As a business owner, you can eliminate that cost by implementing a system of checks & balances to ensure that your are doing things right the first time.