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    5 Steps To Getting All The Prospects You Need  In

    johnnyjoy Wayfarer
      Are you struggling to find all the clients you want and need in
      your business? Are you stressed about the financial side of your
      business? Are you tired of being stressed ? I invite you to take 5
      minutes and learn how to STOP STRUGGLING! Plan and prepare for a
      huge shift in perspective and prosperity.

      1. Stop struggling.

      Stop stressing. I am going to tell you how to get what you want.
      But first you need to stop the fight! It's not only unpleasing when
      you are desperate for clients, but it is also not universally
      unattractive. Just know want you want will come. Be willing to
      receive. If you have negative energy in mind, that's what you get -
      negative results--prophecy fulfilled.

      2. Is your unconscious mind wanting something else?

      Here's how to get all your minds aligned. After I left my corporate
      day job, I discovered I was fighting myself. You see, I didn't
      REALLY want clients. I wanted money. I just thought clients equaled
      money. When I realized that clients would fill my time and take
      away from my freedom, I didn't really want them. Once I knew that I
      could have fun, freedom and financial prosperity by working with
      clients, I had a shift. Then I was aligned with my conscious and
      unconscious thoughts and energies.

      3 What do you REALLY want?

      This might seem silly, but you to know what you want with crystal-
      ball clarity. How many more clients? How much would each pay? Who
      would be your perfect client? Would it be a client that really
      wants to work with you?

      Perhaps its $20,000 weekly! Maybe it's a combination of sales,
      income or clients. Find what it is and get it really clear in your
      head. See yourself receiving it and feel gratitude about your vision.

      4. Focus energy and attention on what you want.

      Give attention and pay attention to success and not failure. See in
      your mind what your life might look like if you got everything you
      ever wanted. Imagine how it will feel when you get all the things
      you ever dreamed! Act like you have already achieved your deepest
      desire. Feel the success.

      5. Follow your intuition.

      When you feel like you want to do something, let your logical mind
      set in and take over. Just do it. This may be the direction you
      should follow. You've heard people say, "Follow your heart." I say,
      "Follow what feels right." This might be a feeling in the pit of
      your stomach.

      Relax and listen. Let go on a regular basis, so you can listen to
      your inner being. It doesn't have to be a long amount of time, but
      do something that makes you feel good whether it is meditating,
      cleaning, gardening, walking. You will know what is right for you.

      Katongole Johnny.s