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      STOP! We have a few questions...


      What am I getting at when I ask these questions? Did you know the popular sites below are known as Web 2.0 sites? Did you know they ALL started just a few years ago? Did you know they're ALL worth over a $Billion Dollars$?


      How would YOU like own your very own, Web 2.0 site like these and Get Paid? Let me paint the picture!


      Facebook: Just 5 years old. Revenue - $ 300 million (2008 est.). started on February 4, 2004. Over 70 million members. Available in 36 languages. Valued at over $11.25 Billion dollars.


      YouTube, LLC: Just 4 yeas old. bought by Google Inc. for $1.65 billion. Started February 2005. Available in 22 languages. Owned by Fox Interactive Media. Over 190 million members. Attracts 230,000 new users per day. 2008 revenues of $800 million.


      MySpace: Just 6 years old. Valued at $2 billion dollars. Founded in 2003. Available in 15 languages. Linkedin: Just 6 years old. 30 million members spanning 150 industries. Started May 2003. $75-100 million (2008 projected). Valued at over $1billion dollars


      Classmates: Just 14 years old. More than 50 million members, including more than 3.8 million pay subscribers. Created in 1995. Ranks as number three in unique monthly visitors. Valued at $1.3 billon dollars.


      So, how would YOU like own your very own, Web 2.0 site? At this link, click on "Sneak Peek" under the hour glass with the eye. Then, click on the series starting with clicking on "Start Tour" under the yellow smiling face, then click on "Buzzy 1", "Buzzy 2", "Buzzy 3" and so on...


      (You can also join free under the "Register Free" pen). Click here:



      To your success,


      Clarence Williams