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    Anyone interested in sharing Twitter techniques?

    kenatra721 Newbie
      Hello everyone, I am an online marketer and I have recently started using Twitter for socializing and marketing. My team and I have had some success with using the basics of Twitter, however, I am hoping to find additional creative techniques we could apply to use Twitter to our advantage. Any helpful secrets, tips or techniques you could share would be greatly appreciated...I look forward to sharing back with you as my team continues to grow!

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            PitCrew Wayfarer
            I'm interested in reading more about Twitter and Face Book - for business networking.

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              HomeBizGrowth Wayfarer
              Hello kenatra721,

              I'm glad to hear that you and your team are having success with Twitter!

              I will not bore you with the basics, because as you mentioned...

              You guys already have that part mastered.

              Here's a thought...

              Have you guys thought about creating a "Twitter Posting Calendar?"

              This calendar should contain the core task that you religiously perform, day in and day out without fail.

              For example, your Monday's SCHD could look like the following:

              Task 1: Post a Classic Tweet: "This is what I'm doing"
              Task 2: Ask a question based upon hot topics surrounding your niche market
              Task 3: Follow People who follow you
              Task 4: Un-follow People who are not following you
              Task 5: Post a suggestion with an affiliate link to a product

              You could create a Schedule like this for everyday of the week.

              Do you see where I'm going with the "Twitter Posting Calendar?"

              I hope that this helps

              I also highly suggest that you at least go and read the reviews and the overview on Joel Comm's Twitter Power book at:

              Check me out on Twitter:
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                nikecoo99 Wayfarer
                the twitter site was locked here by goverment as youtube .


                anybody know other ways to login the twitter site??

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                  GenerosityBry Newbie
                  Twitter is really all about sharing.
                  It is always best to be perceived as being Generous rather than being loathed as "being on the take"
                  some points most people overlook are
                  1) it's not about numbers, having unrelated and untargeted followers can be a problem. Block and report any spammers following you. spam followers are one of the main ways other spam profiles find and automated follow you.

                  2) auto dm's thanking someone for following you, then sharing a link to your website or offer is lame. if you cant respond back in person with something relavent to the person who followed you, just dont reply back at all.

                  3)repeating your tweets is a good idea, as long as they are interesting, empowering, educational or inspiring. it helps people who missed the message enjoy what you share.

                  4) use localtweeps, hubspot twitter grader, or twellow to find people local to you.

                  5) have your high traffic, high commerce and high converson SEO keywords in mind when you tweet but dont SELL the terms, just tweet interesting, educational, empowering or inspiring things using those words. other people can find you using keyword searches ( and you can find people already talking about what you're already an expert in by using the same keyword searches )

                  6) for a term and select the RSS feed option to send the whole stream to your google reader. then you can review, follow and engage likeminded folks.

                  7) I made a mindmap where I share these principles and more to help demystify the social media mindset. feel free to check it out on my blog. I share it as my gift.
                  I hope this helps
                  thanks and take care
                  I am @blissfulfun or
                  @Social_Media_Wi on twitter
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                    877.HMA.FITS Wayfarer
                    I have been using Twitter for several months now. I use it to share with my followers valuable updates about the Hispanic Market (blogs, articles, news, etc). Social media is about providing value to a community, cultivating relationships. Indirectly, it helps the business. In my opinion, hard selling techniques via Twitter should be discouraged.
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                        seoservicepro Ranger
                        Don't be too concerned about keywords. Don't make all of your posts about one topic. Share a joke or a funny picture or a news story that has nothing to do with your business but that your followers may enjoy. Twitter isn't really an SEO tool. SEO pros tend to use it that way, but twitter is better as a networking tool and getting to know other people who do business on the web and some who don't.

                        Have fun on twitter. Don't post all about you. Retweet interesting tweets by others, again even if it does not relate to your business. Have a personality. Relax. It isn't about optimizing your twitter profile or SEO. There are much better tools for SEO than twitter if all you want to do is promote your business.

                        That's my two cents worth and I already know some will disagree. That's ok. You're entitled to your opinion and entitled to make twitter all about business, marketing and SEO. Your efforts would get more bang for the buck elsewhere.
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                            studio 525 Adventurer
                            seoservicepro has made some good points. Even if Twitter is all about business and marketing for you (and that's my primary interest too), you have to approach it according to the basic rules of Social Media. Care about your Followers. Be very generous. (Share.) Be interesting (Create a unique Brand for yourself.) Be yourself. (It helps if yourself includes a good sense of humor and a desire to help others.) Gracefully transition people to any Sales Page you're leading them to. (Give them lots of reasons why you're doing it. And they better be because they will benefit more than you. Of course that also dramatically increases conversions so it's a Win-Win type of thing.)

                            If you take care of your Followers, they will like you and trust you. They will click on the links you give them. Some of those links will make a good deal of money for you. But be very careful. Betray them once and you've lost them or it will at least take a good deal of time to repair the damage. Just like a good email list, be very careful of where you send the folks it took you so long to sign up and create a trusting relationship with. Your Twitter Follower list is like that. Don't blow it and it will treat you very well.

                            Follow on Twitter @studio525
                            I take good care of my Tweeple.
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                                seoservicepro Ranger
                                Great points studio 525. :) I wasn't trying to be too harsh about using twitter for business. I do SEO as well and sometimes I use twitter for clients to achieve results for them. But the effort can seem too programmed and obvious and backfire. That's why I suggest going off-topic once in awhile so people know you are a real person.

                                On followers. If someone follows me and I check their profile and they have 10,000 followers and 100 tweets, I know they used automated software to get their followers and I won't be one that follows. Whenever I see anyone sort of gaming the system to look more popular, I shy away. I'm not the only one.

                                Take the time to get real followers that you really want. It isn't about how many followers you have, it's about who is following you. You are known by your followers in other words. Trim that list.
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                                    studio 525 Adventurer
                                    Getting Followers is important on Twitter if you're going to use it to add to your marketing hub. On Twitter many things flow out of a large number of Followers. If you do everything else correctly (build a unique, interesting and likeable Brand, write interesting Tweets that get re-Tweeted a lot, respond to as many of your Followers questions as possible, etc.), the more Followers you have the more Followers you tend to get. Likewise how many of your Followers and others add you to their Lists is also important. The number of Lists you are on is actually much more of a statement about your "popularity" than the number of Followers you have. But, if you're doing things correctly, you will be on many more Lists if you have a large number of Followers simply because more people will see you.

                                    So a large number of targeted Followers leads to more re-Tweets, which leads to even more Followers, which leads to more traffic to your website or blog or Sales Page or Squeeze Page, which leads to more people opting-in to your opt-in email list, which leads to more conversions and more sales, which leads to more money. It also leads to more people on your Facebook fan page and other Social Media platforms.

                                    Just as high targeted traffic and a solid targeted email list are essential to success on the web, a high, targeted, loyal Twitter Following is also becoming a necessary component, at least for me. The beauty of Twitter is how quickly you can build a large, targeted, loyal list of Followers and build a relationship with them. If I could build a Facebook Fan page of 13,000 Fans in two months, I'd do it. I wish I could. But it seems to take quite a bit longer. The Facebook Fans I have are great. But the numbers aren't there yet. 13,000 Twitter Followers helps me get lots of traffic to my website and Sales Pages and continuously adds to my email list (and also builds my Facebook Fan base when I send traffic there). When I was struggling with under 2,000 Followers, it wasn't really doing much for me. Like all things on the web, the numbers make a very big difference.

                                    Twitter: @studio525
                                    Facebook Fan Page: Online Marketing with Studio 525
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                                        Iwrite Pioneer
                                        Here is an interesting article I ran across today:

                                        It says maybe more is less when it comes to Twitter. Take a look. It places more emphasis on the quality of the followers than the number.
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                                            studio 525 Adventurer
                                            If we run a business or have clients who run businesses, then Twitter is really not much use unless we can monetize it. Getting new clients is one way to monetize Twitter. And sharing valuable information is an excellent way to stand out from the herd. But if we're selling products or have clients who are selling products, then we need to be able to turn that information/content into sales. I've been using Twitter for a while and experimented with a number of techniques. Some worked. Others didn't. As far as product sales, what seems to work best for me is a multi-step process. Tweets that drive traffic to a web or blog page that gives valuable information. Part of that information drives traffic to another page to get more detailed information. Often that page is a squeeze page that collects email addresses for the opt-in email list. The incentive is a report or ebook with much greater and more important details about the information that began as a simple Tweet. The email list is where most of the product introduction is done, over time. As the desire is built up and trust and credibility reinforced, the emails begin to send the readers to the product/sales pages. Of course this is for fairly expensive and complex products. Many products are much simpler and some can even benefit from price-only marketing techniques. Those can be sold in two steps, sometimes only one.
                                            Generally I find it best to use a multi-step sales process with Twitter. I see many people sending people directly to an affiliate sales page. I don't think that's effective.

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                                          WiMSSMing Newbie
                                          Excelent tip if you dont trim your list and nurture it you will get a Lot of MLM Garbage.