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    Fact #2: Asking the Right Questions

    TBYTE12 Wayfarer
      Fact #2: You Need to Ask the Right Questions When Selecting Your Managed Services Provider.

      Managed services are only as good as the service provider or solution provider that delivers them. That is why you need to choose your provider carefully. Depending on the services you are interested in, you will want to ask several key questions:

      For service providers only:

      • Does the service provider track and monitor the network end-to-end?
      • Can the provider secure its own network traffic and manage priority traffic across other networks?
      • What are the minimum thresholds for network latency, packet loss, and jitter on the IP services?

      For service providers and solution providers:

      • How is network performance measured?
      • Are there procedures for trouble escalation, load rebalancing, network security assessments, and regular data backups?
      • Can the provider’s data center support your requirements for physical and network security, capacity, availability, operations, and backbone connectivity?
      • Does the provider have a plan to adjust its service as your business needs change with time? How quickly can the provider respond to changing needs?
      • What are the terms if the agreed-upon level of service is not maintained?
      • What measures does the provider take to ensure continuous availability and high performance?
      • Does the provider offer real-time monitoring as well as regular and thorough reports on network performance?

      At PTY Inc we encourage you to ask us these questions. We think that once you hear our answers, you will strongly consider subscribing to the managed services we offer.

      We are here to help you make the choice that is right for you.

      PTY Inc